4 tips on how to keep that "slay queen" interested in you

Keep life simple and avoid adding pressure on your budget. [Photo/insta360.blogspot.com]

I have noticed that many young men are disturbed on how to make a slay queen interested in them, especially if that boy is "broke". This is because it is natural to have a lot in order to sustain a "queen". However, it is possible to get what you need by doing the following;

Don't make your engagement a big deal

Sometimes you are your own enemy, you want to pretend to have when you really do not have anything. When you approach a girl you have liked and you start telling her that "I will take you out for lunch at KFC," the truth is that this is the precedence you are setting, she will always expect such big things, but if you can afford fine. If you know where you are from please just keep the conversation simple and avoid expenditure talks, avoid budgets as much as possible.

Be funny

It is true that girls love guys who can make them laugh, apart from laughter has its own health benefits, it keeps someone from life's challenges. You will be reliable when it comes to making life simple for her, trust me she will always be looking out for you.

Be a "cool kid"

Talk dirty sometimes but be clean. Probably you are wondering how you can be the two at once. Depending on how your conversation is going on, tell her extraordinary things. Flirt but do not overdo it. Additionally, iron out your style, shave the unnecessary beards, come up with your unique haircut and look modesty. Trust me, if you dress like you are from a village, you will be left hanging.

Create memories

Life is not all about money, do not make it look like she is only after your money. Do you think giving her the five hundred bob and paying an extra hundred bob to the "nduthi" guy is making her rich? By this I mean spend more time together, talk about different issues. Make her feel special and be the only man that sees her "stubbornness" as the source of happiness.


4 tips on how to keep that "slay queen" interested in you 4 tips on how to keep that "slay queen" interested in you

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