TB Joshua warns members to stop give church dirty money

Renowned man of God, Prophet TB Joshuahas become a force to be reckoned with as far as Christian life is concerned. He has ministered to millions of people all over the world and gave hope to the hopeless through his healing hands.

It has just been reported that during one of his recent sermons at his Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), the man of God blasted those who rely on their ‘dirty money’ in order to receive God’s blessings.

According to Yabaleft, Prophet TB Joshua preached that Christians should stop the habit of jumping from one church to another but cultivate the habit of building their churches. That is, they should learn to take part in church activities.

Prophet TB Joshua. Source: Yabaleft

He said: “We are too proud that is why we believe so much in money. Money answereth everything that is the voice of pride. When you speak, one can hear the voice of money. When you walk, one can see the traces of money… But money is dirty; the journey of money is too far. Get interested in His plans and work with His projects. Go and work in the church where humility can come. Joshua recounted how his own mother would regularly bring him to church at the weekends and he watched intently as she diligently cleaned the church premises and simultaneously prayed. When I asked her what she was saying in her prayers, she told me, ‘Lord, as I clean Your house, clean my life, future, family and children’. Here I am today. It’s not the size of the ministry that determines the strength of the ministry. The strength of the ministry is the relationship of the ministry to God; it is not the population or crowd, fame or popularity. You can see just two members in a church that is more connected to God than the biggest church. When you look at my antecedents, you will see I have more degrees in persecution than praise. I am a professor when it comes to persecution but I am just a first-degree holder in praise. Well, I am not expecting praise because my reward is over there.



TB Joshua warns members to stop give church dirty money TB Joshua warns members to stop give church dirty money

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