Battle of Fendi: Who rock it better? 

Between Chioma, Wizkid and Tiwa Savage, who wore it better? 

This N248K Fendi t-shirt is a must-have but we have to ask, which of these celebrities wore it better. Vote now!

Chioma, Wizkid and Tiwa Savage all wearing this stylish Fendi t-shirt  (Instagram/ @jokeadegokeblog)

It's no secret that Fendi is the hot label right now with many celebrities being seen wearing the Italian luxury label. Davido's boo, Wizkid and Tiwa Savage have been spotted wearing the same Fendi t-shirt but we have to ask, who wore it better?

The unisex Fendi t-shirt, which costs a whopping $690 aka N248k is a stylish separate that can be dressed up with a nice skirt, as seen on Chioma or down with a cute pair of jeans just like Tiwa.

Despite the different styling, there has to be one winner.

Submit your votes below!

Is Fendi this year's Gucci?

Though 2017 was Gucci's year, Fendi's classic double-F print has been absolutely everywhere. Karl Lagerfeld, the Creative Director of the brand, has tapped into the youth market and certainly understands that these days, the people are all about logos and branded clothing. As a result, the luxury Italian fashion-house, primarily known for its luxurious furs and leather goods, has gone full speed ahead with the monogram clothing and accessories.

The famous Fendi monogram logo  (The Debrief)

People purchase designer goods for a variety of reasons, among them because they convey a sense of status, wealth, and exclusivity. These purchases lead others to make rapid inferences about the character of the purchaser (e.g., successful, arrogant, rich etc). In today's society when more seems to be more, people are leaning towards logo brands which announce themselves so you do not have to.

Gone are the days of being subtle about wealth, thanks to today's pop culture and the look-at-me society we find ourselves in, people are no longer interested in being subtle. This goes a long way to explaining the resurgence of the Fendi logo which is instantly recognisable with a large price tag to boot.


Battle of Fendi: Who rock it better?  Battle of Fendi: Who rock it better? 

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