4 Best Pairs Of BB Naija 2018 Housemates That Are Likely To Date After The Show

The BB Naija 2018 is about to round up and the housemates will have to move on with their life after the house.

A lot of relationship and romantic bonds were made in the house and housemates showed that they were willing to change their strategy to accommodate their new found love. Or was all the romance in the house just a ploy to reach the end game.

Regardless of their intentions, we have seen some of this year’s housemates change because of their romantic pair and seem unsure of how they would move on after the show.

These are housemates who will likely sail the dating ship after the show ends.

1. Bambam and Teddy A

The cute church girl and self-proclaimed alpha male didn’t seem to fit at first, but as time went on they became each other closest confidant. At in the beginning it looked like they were faking the romance but to try to win fans but as the days went on, the more they dell in love.

Though Teddy A never denied he was in a serious relationship, he never seemed to talk about the special lady outside and focused on the one beside him. Even after they were evicted, these two have shown that they are still close and if not still intimate with each other.


Their fans are also blown away by the maturity these two have shown, keeping all details to themselves. We can only hope we hear a confirmation because who are we kidding, they are perfect for each other.


2. Miracle and Nina

This is another romantic pair that viewers are patiently waiting for to announce that they are officially together. Since the beginning of the show, Miracle and Nina have been giving serious couple goals which earned them their large number of fans.

They have shown that if they were in a relationship outside the house, they would make a great couple. Each knows how to motivate and caution the other and steer in the right direction. Watching them is like watching a romantic movie, so much saccharine.

They have shown they are not the perfect couple and their increasing fights in the house have shown that, but at the end of the day, they still have each other’s back.

The big question is now, what will Nina do about her current boyfriend outside the house. She has more than once confirmed that Miracle means so much to her and him likewise. The subject is both important and fragile to them that they don’t dwell on it anymore but want to continue to enjoy the other’s presence.

Though it will not be surprising if they decide to go their separate ways, it would still be wonderful to see this ship sailing because they bring out the best in each other.

3. Lolu and Anto

These two are cute together and even though at the start it looked like a one-sided crush, they were able to build a bond that became strong. Not only that but imaging their really intelligent babies is a plus.

Lolu and Anto have shown that they are serious about each other and wouldn’t mind going to the next level. Though Anto felt betrayed when she found out Lolu had another lady outside the house, Lolu was able to reassure her that his feelings were genuine. Lolu has also boldly stated it that he wouldn’t mind dating Anto if she decides to give him a chance and she has also said so.

So you two, please date and get married and have really cute and intelligent babies.


4. Tobi And Alex

This is a pair people weren’t expecting but they just happened to click, especially because they went through a lot with their first romantic pair.

Tobi and Alex have shown that they are the best for each other and have the other’s interest at heart. They are also playful and encouraging. Alex seemed to be the girl Tobi should have paired with at the beginning of the show.

They have also shown that they can communicate easily and their flirting and playful banter are something viewers love to watch. Though Tobi still has a thing for Cee C, he has shown he is capable of moving on, as said when he openly made it known that he wouldn’t mind dating Alex if she accepted.

Alex is now the one that needs the convincing, but that may not take long as she enjoys the attention Tobi gives her. It wouldn’t be surprising to see this two together as they have formed a friendship bond first, which is sure to help their relationship outside the house 



4 Best Pairs Of BB Naija 2018 Housemates That Are Likely To Date After The Show 4 Best Pairs Of BB Naija 2018 Housemates That Are Likely To Date After The Show

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