The next option when a cruise ship sinks?

Ingrid Halvorsen

I've taken more than a dozen cruises.

17w ago

Every cruise ship requires emergency drills. You are required to get your lifejackets from the staterooms and gather at muster stations throughout the ship. You will be instructed in the proper way to put on the jackets, the meaning of the bells and announcements, and the locations of the lifeboats. Many ships have enclosed lifeboats now.

If you don’t show up to your muster station, the staff will go looking for you. You can’t hide out for this.

Cruise ship sinking is very rare.


Garrick Saito

I've been on seven cruises

16w ago

I’ve never been on a sinking cruise ship. They take every safety precaution imaginable and, as you can imagine, the last thing they want is their billion dollar boat at the bottom of the ocean.

However, in the unlikely event it starts going under, they instruct you to proceed calmly to one of the many rescue boats on the ship and you’ll be taken to a safe place. Unlike the Titanic, there are enough rescue boats these days for everyone on board.

Whatever you do, don’t do this. It did not work out well for Jack.

Tom Mcfarlane

former Chef- Petty Officer at Merchant Navy (1973-1993)

16w ago

When any ship is about to sink the most important thing you must do is to get out of the accomodation areas. Get to the outside of the ship. It is vital that you go to the side of the ship that is furthest to the water and once outside as the ship slowly turns up side down you make your way slowly along the side of the ship until you eventually end up on the underside of the ship where you await rescue. This is the very best case scenario and rarely will all the factors align that allow this form of escape. It did happen to a colleague of mine on a ferry he was working on between Scotland and Ireland. He followed the steps above and was rescued without even getting his feet wet.

James Abbgy

Shipboard IT at Royal Caribbean (2016-present)

1w ago

What to do? Follow crew instructions. Go to your muster station (the one you were shown during the day 1 guest drill.)

We drill for this kind of thing all the time. Not only do we have enough space for everyone, we have a couple thousand extra spaces in case some of the lifesaving vessels are compromised.


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