Check out Plies net worth

Check out Plies net worth, house and cars in 2018

Algernon Washington, the true name of Plies, is of less interest to people than how rich is Plies. His wealth and earnings seem to be a matter of real concern to many fans and even those who have no big love for music. Well, one thing is a fact: he has millions. Let’s check how many of them he has and where he got them.

Plies at the beginning of everything

Algernon Washington entered the hip-hop scene with his first album titled The Real Testament in 2007. Since that moment, he was known as Plies. Since that moment, his journey to becoming one of the most influential and famous hip-hop artistes was launched.

He did not plan to become a rapper, however fate had its own way and the guy started earning his fame and fortune from rap music. Plies net worth 2018 is estimated as $14 million.

The young rapper felt a draw towards music after high school. This was the motivation to establish the famous Big Gates Records with the help of his step-brother Ronnell.

After his first mixtape and other events, Plies released his first smash hit titled Shawty featuring T-Pain. Quite soon after the release date, the single turned into a charts topper in the USA and even in New Zealand. It was the first work that brought him significant earnings.

Withing months, Plies released first album, The Real Testament, which sold above 96,000 copies within the very first week after the release. Within the first three weeks, the album sold 125,000 copies. All this earned the artiste $500,000 in June 2007.

Plies net worth now

Later in 2007, he released his next single, another smashing hit. Hypnotized received an avalanche of positive reviews, it was praised by all possible critics, and finally, it reached top positions in all hip-hop charts.

The single turned platinum soon after its realese and sold over 1,000,000 copies, bringing its owner another replenishment to the existing estate.

Another album, Definition of Real, saw the light of the world in 2008. The first-week sales surpassed all the expectations and the previous success. 215,000 copies were sold within the very first week. The 520,000 copies sold by autumn that year brought him another $500,000.

The same year, in winter, Plies releases another album! What a speed! This one, Da REAList turned out to be the worst selling in his whole career, yet, within the very first week, it smashed the charts and sold 114,000 copies. This album sold an overall 500,00 copies and brought plies about $300,000.

Apart from the albums and singles, the rapper has earned a pretty good amount from his concert tours and live performances. Nobody actually knows how much he receives now for his live concerts and performances but there are little doubts that the checks he receives contain six digits.

In addition to singing, Plies appeared in TV shows of different types and at different times. He has also acted in a documentary film, appearing as himself, titled The Good, the Bad, and the Bling.

It’s interesting that in addition to the recording label, his music, acting, and live performances, Plies has his own channel on YouTube. The channel is pretty lively, with regular updates and hundreds of thousands of subscribers. It’s a rare thing for a celebrity to maintain their own YouTube channel but Plies seems to like it.

In addition to the communication, it obviously brings him money. The uploaded videos already have 216 million of views. Plies also has his own clothing line for women called Bust It Baby, which has a significant success.

Plies house and cars

It seems pretty natural that rich rappers have everything that’s luxurious. Massie bling made out of gold and diamonds, incredible cars and huge houses comes to your mind when you think of a rich rapper. Is Plies one of the kind?

Well, he has a great mansion in Greenwich. It’s big enough to be called luxurious and experts claim that such real estate could cost $11,000,000. However, there’s not much available information on the number of rooms in the house, it’s space or anything else.

Plies' house

Concerning cars that are also an important part of the image of any rap star, Plies owns a Pontiac Grand Prix that looks stylish and vintage. Apart from it, he also owns a Lincoln Continental, an Aston Martin, a Cadillac CTS-V, and a Bentley Continental. A great collection, isn’t it!

To underline the information on Plies’ wealth, let’s briefly answer the question: how rich is Plies? He has $14,000,000, asCelebrity Net Worth claims.

It’s interesting how he became a rap star without even willing to reach this top while others strive to turn into a star through their whole life and never succeeded.


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