BBNaija Day 39 Live Updates

9:49am Housemates are waking up and Biggie tells them hot water is now available.

You can now chose who you want to leave the BBNaija House and who you want to stay and entertain.

10:20am Alarms ablaze . It looks like the Housemates will be fire drilling in the rain.

10:35am So, Teddy A says that he'll definitely be a man in his next life because, and we quote "Women are petty". Does he even know that it's women's day.

Missed yesterday when Nina wanted Miracle to apologize to her but Miracle refused and saidokay i will apologize but not from the bottom of my heart.

11:15am Have you guys noticed just how much Alex and Leo argue lately? Could this be because Alex is now more secure in her relationship with Leo and feels that she can voice out her dislikes.

2:38: Miracle and Tobi's friendship has us feeling some type of way. It's safe to say that they are friendship goals.

2:40pm Thanks to Nina's personality revamp, she not only defends herself from the other Housemates, she doesn't let anything slide with her bae either.

2:46pm For day 2 of the Task, the Housemates have 3 hours to build a strategy corner, read up and create business Apps in their respective teams while ensuring discretion


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