What is the most expensive car?

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Every time someone asks this question, you find a lot of answers with different backgrounds and reasons. Is finding the most expensive car that hard? It could be because many cars are sold in private auctions or deals which makes it hard to know the exact value that of a car.

The other reason why it is a bit hard to know what is the most expensive car in the world is people don’t know whether you talk about a new, used or a restored car.

In that light, here is the most expensive car according to two of these categories.

The most expensive new car is the 2018 Rolls Royce Phantom Sweptail which was sold at a jaw droping price of £10million

The sweptail was a custom made car for a single buyer, so it’s not a mass production car. The same thing can be said about all of the Rolls Royce cars anyways.

This car took 4 years to finish, with the buyer making the final decision about everything in the car.

Since there is only one Sweptail in the world, it may not be the most expensive car in the world so we will have to go with the Lamborghini VENENO coupe and roadster since there are 12 in total 9 of which are roadster. The Lamborghini VENENO was sold at a price of $4.5 million.

Although these cars were sold at amazing prices, they are cheap in comparison with the prices that old or vintage cars reach.

The most expensive car to be sold in a private deal was the 1962 Ferrari GTO with all of its original parts.

Although there is nothing to back this claim, there is a very big chance of it being true.

The price that this car was sold at was $52 Million. let that sink in for a moment.

As far as my knowledge goes, these are the most expensive cars in the world. If you know anything else please share.

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There are a lot of great contenders here, but none really hit the mark. The most expensive motor vehicle was built in a span of 4 years and completed in 2011.

The wheels, suspension and some electronics alone, cost ten times more than the most expensive car mentioned in the answers.

The tread pattern in its 20 inch wheels is actually a Morse code spelling out the manufacturer’s initials. You don’t have that in your Exelero do you?

All six wheels can be powered independently of each other and can steer on four wheels. Let us see your 250 GTO do that.

Its fuel is only provided by the US Department of Energy, not some run of mill gas station.

Still have no idea?

The Vehicle: The Mars Curiosity Rover

Top Speed: 0.14 km/h (0.09 mph)

Seats: None

0 - 100: Never

Mileage: 10.76 mi

Engine: MMRTP (Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator)

Drive train: IWD (Individual Wheel Drive)

Turning radius: 0 ft (360 degree turn capability)

Price Tag: $ 2.5 Billion (yes, with a B)

Tayo Yesufu

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The Maybach Exelero is a high-performance unique sports car built in 2004. The 700 hp (522 kW) four-seater with a twin turboV12 engine is a one-off design built by Maybach-Motorenbau GmbH, on request for Fulda Tires, the Germandivision of Goodyear. Fulda is using this car as a reference vehicle to test a new generation of wide tires. The German luxury car manufacturer created the model as a modern interpretation of its legendary streamlined sportscar from the 1930s. There are various allusions to the historical predecessor, which was likewise based on a powerful Maybach automobile. In this case, the Mayba

ch SW 38 was also used by Fulda for tire testing. The car is famous for being portrayed in an episode of long-running German show Cobra 11, in which it is used in the ending chase of the episode "Freundschaft".

According to Top Gear, the vehicle was purchased by rapper Birdman in 2011 for US$8 million.

In January 2012, Motorvison profiled the car, which was then owned by

Mechatronik and located in Germany, and reports previous rumors of sale to be unfounded.

Jay-Z featured the car in the music video for "Lost One".

Andrew Zhang

I'm sorry to break this to 90% of the answers, but $1.5 million or $500,000 is not the most expensive car. The most expensive car is….


This thing. This 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO sold for $55 million in an auction. (Read more At $55 million, a Ferrari Races Into the Stratosphere)

Not really worth it though. It's old and unreliable, doesn't have the technology, and is probably sitting in a garage, only used on special occasions. If you don't count the Mars Rover, I'm pretty sure this car is the most expensive.

Yeshu David

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According to some sources, currently, the most expensive car is the Rolls-Royce Sweptail, holding a price tag of 13 Million USD (INR 83.2 crores).

[1] The car was especially built for a single confidential customer. It had been under development since 2013, almost taking 4 years for Rolls-Royce to complete building it. The car is completely hand-built with finest materials.Since the owner is interested in yachts, the car had been designed in such way that it resembles the yacht from the rear section.

Meanwhile officially declared as the most expensive car is the Lamborghini Veneno. It holds a price tag of 7.4 Million USD (INR 47.3 Crores.)

It can reach a maximum speed of 354 Km/h, can do 0–97 Km/h in just 2.8 seconds. That’s too fast.And only 9 of them were ever made.


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Actually there should only be 1 answer to it, which is the most expensive car but many of them are answering in the order 10 9 8 etc. which should not be done your question is that which is the most expensive car so the answer should only be1,Correct!

It's none other than Rolls Royce Sweptail which isa $13 million car and according to the Indian National Rupees(INR) its price is ₹85 crore.

When it comes to exclusivity there is no class apart then the Rolls-Royce. You just hardly see them on the roads and just only 4000 cars were produced last year and even they produce some of the world's most expensive cars.

But this one Rolls Royce sweptail with this car they have just outdone itself and the rest of the car makers all around this globe it is a 13 million dollar car and the company says that who is the collector of the expensive one of items like the super Yachts and the private Jets came to them asking for one of a car so they provided them them with this Masterpiece.

1) This car features custom coach Work Like The Maharajas(Raja) [Kings which used to rule the kingdoms in old Indian history and used to have lot of wealth lot of money] used to order back in the early last century.

2) It is a two seater with the full panoramic sunroof and the roof tapers down sharply in the shape similar to that of racing yachts that the customer desired.

3) The interiors have been handcrafted and many of the acres of rainforest would have been chopped down and many of a bovine killed for the wood and Leather.

4) The thing you like the best however is the hidden attach cases that hold laptops behind the doors on either side.

5) So, from this uppermost view you can definitely find out that its given a perfect shape of a sports yacht and an elegant royal car is extremely long.

6) Rolls Royce sweptail gets a giant 6.6 letter V 12 engine and despite being a to 2 Seater Coupe spans to over 6 metres.

7) As it is a royal car and made accordingly for the people who want design lately of the years 1920 to 1930,as made for especially the royal peoples it contains Champagne bottle stand with two Rolls Royce glasses and even you can see its rich Steering wheel with the exclusive and sexy console.


So if you are planning to buy this Masterpiece what's your account balance?

Even, if you are the richest person in the world to really have that kind of cash, sorry Rolls Royce made just one sweptail and owner is partying by the lake Como now.

Hope i have given a proper answer to your question!


Bonus :- “It took 4 years to Rolls-Royce to manufacture this Masterpiece.”


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