Tips on shoe color best with a black dress  

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Sibgha Saqib

LLB from Pakistan College Of Law (2019)

Black itself is the most beautiful colour. it's my favorite colour too. With black you can wear any solid colour shoes.

Here are some suggestions :

White shoes with black dressCandy pink shoes with black dressOrange shoes with black dressLeopard print shoes with black dressZebra print shoes with black dressRoyal Blue shoes with black dressInk blue shoes with black dressRed shoes with black dressMaroon shoes with black dressBright yellow with black dressGlittery shoes with black dress

Here are some pictures which I found on internet.

Mansi Ragini

B. A. Mass Communication, Patna University (2018)

If you are wearing a black dress never go for black shoes. Instead go for nudes they look extremely well with black dress. Adding to it if you're wearing nude color footwear you will look taller also.

Megha Sharma

Digital Marketing (2015-present)

If you are wearing black dress than choose a opposite colour of footwear instead of choosing black. Pairing different colour of shoe with your black dress enhance the your overall look. You can choose the footwear as following:

For Sporty Look:

2. For Diva Look:

3. For Casual Look:

To explore more such amazing footwear clickhere.

Tanya Paul

former IT Associate Engineer at EverBank (2013-2015)

You have several options- If you are at work party or at work, funeral, or a day time event, nude is best.

If you are going for a night time event..

and gold seems to look good for even day time things:

whether you want to wear silver or gold depends on your undertones. Some people have cool undertones so silver looks better. Some wear gold because of warm tones [yellow undertone]

Sarah Hata

Founder Member (2017-present)

Black is one of natural colour well match with any fashion colours

By making the right choice,your appearance could make a statement from the rest

By applying TOP (Time,Occassion,Place,Purpose) concept,you could determine which one suitable with one another

Example :

Attending black tie dinner theme,what you should wear such as

•Black long dress

•Gold Stiletto/Sling Shoe

•Gold Cluth,accessories

Abbie Burnell

you can pair it with a black heel for a very sleek look or do a statement heel that will make everyones jaw drop, every color goes good with black but if you do a pattern try and find one with a little black in it.


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