The most progressive nation in Africa

Didier Champion

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My Top 10: Botswana, Mauritius, South Africa, Ghana, Rwanda, Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Kenya, Namibia, and Zambia.

My votes for the most progressive nations in Africa goes between Mauritius and Botswana. Both of these countries have small population 1.3 million for Mauritius and 2.3 million for Botswana ( As of 2016 Census).

Strong economies, relatively high GDP per capita ( PPP): About $ 20,000.00 for Mauritius & $ 17,000.00 for Botswana). Lower levels of poverty and unemployment rates.Sustainable infrastructure: Best Universities for finance, medecine and engineering.Rule of law: Best political systems with strong institutions.Freedom to express oneself and civil liberties.Sustainable Education system and healthcare coverage for all.

Gaberone, the capital city of Botswana[1]

Port-Louis, the capital city of Mauritius[2]

Why Botswana and Mauritius?

When you are talking about the most progressive nation on the continent, you have to specify the type of progressive views you are expressing. Do you mean the progress of a strong economy, the political freedom and human rights, or some combination of both?

For a country to be considered progressive, it has to fulfill two important traits:

Economic Growth: A vibrant strong economy that works, not just for a few percentage of people, but for many of its citizens.Political Freedom: a system that encourages freedom of expression, where people can express their views freely, without fear.

These two go hand in hand. It is impossible to have a poor society that claims to be free. It does not exist and will never exist. In extremely rare cases, you might have a strong economy with somewhat of a less-free political system ( e.g. Singopore, etc). However, we have yet to have such country on the African continent.

Why South Africa is NOT the most progressive at all?

Like previous answers have stated, South Africais the most developed nation in Africa. But they are not the most progressive nation on the continent. Strong economy, compared to other African countries. However, their economy does not work for the majority of many South Africans.

Huge unemployment rates and extreme poverty in the country. For a country of about 55 million people, it is very hard to get a good standard quality of life for the majority of people. Politically, South Africans have the abilities to express their views, which is commendable.

My main issue with South Africa, right now, is the xenophobic sentiments that has been directed towards African immigrants who live and work there. You can not call yourself the most progressive nation on the continent when you cannot shelter a group of your african brothers and sisters, many of whom, came to South Africa, as refugees in the 1990’s. In the past, recent attacks on Nigerian immigrants have tarnished the respect that many Africans used to have for South Africa. Many Nigerian businesses are looted, many nigerians are beaten, and oftentimes abused for no reason[3].

The response from the South African government has been slow, careless, and honestly a disgrace to many good South Africans I know. Frankly, it is a complete insult to the african spirit of hospitality and accomodating visitors and guests. What would Mandela, the father of your country, say. He is turning in his own grave right now because of you!

My fellow South African brothers and sisters, you can do better!

Love and respect! Drop me an “ upvote” if you liked my analysis. I worked hard for it. Haha!


Didier Champion


Warren Kings

Political centrist and avid follower of US political news

South Africa, I’m pleased to say.

So far as I am aware we are the only African nation to have legalised same sex marriage, in fact I believe we did this before Ireland, America and others. The constitutional court rightly found that gay South Africans could not be discriminated against, especially in law. Locally, Cape Town is often affectionately called the ‘Pink City’.

South Africa also formally recognises non-marriage unions as formal, legal relationships. Abortion is fully legal within the first four months and legal thereafter under strict circumstances, as it should be. There is also no stigma attached to abortion as the country doesn’t have a strong fundamental religious presence. Thank god for that.

That facetious comment made, most religious leaders in South Africa support gay rights publicly. To be honest these have never been issues in the country. According to the actually scientific polls which have been done, the vast majority of the population take all these things as a matter of course. Although the government is currently appealing it, South African courts also recently determined to legalise weed. It’s going to be finalised soon.

Where South Africans get conservative is on border policy, though I would say we have excellent reasons for that.

Shane Dale

CEO (1996-present)

I think its Rwanda because they have done so much under President Kagame after such a terrible history - there was no established industry or infrastructure yet now they have clean cities and good policing and security and more. Thry are seeking digital solutions.

But the main progress they have made is they have digitised and given formal land title border to border - land title is the key to economic growth - and the creation of a financial ecosystem which empowers a middle class.

I am taking the view of economically progressive - not morally progressive.

Yogesh Bodha

Medical Doctor (2006-present)

If one talks of human rights and civil libertiea,then South Africa is the most progressive nation in Africa.Our constitution is highly regarded globally as one of the best constitution s in the world.

in terms of economy and infrastructure ,its the best in Africa.Our universities are centres of excellence in science and medicine and are the best in Africa.

Our Achilles heel though is rampant corruption and having a corrupt government.


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