Stylish and beautiful office gown for ladies in 2018

Do you think that it is impossible to look stylish and beautiful for work? Would you like to know the latest office gown styles for ladies in 2018? We have gathered for you the most beautiful dresses for work, choose the best designs and shine every work day

First of all, business or office style is classic and strict. For women’s stylish look at work, fashion designers update their collections of corporate wears as well as English gown styles every year. What styles of gowns are trending this year, let's find it out!

Colors and decor of corporate gowns for office

For properly selected dresses, you need to consider colour and accessories, it's worth selecting blue dresses. In business, blue colour is considered as a standard. A black dress is also a “must have” in Nigerian ladies' wardrobe. The black colour emphasizes femininity and hides all the figure’s shortcomings. Violet tone is in demand too.

We must mention gray dresses as they aren’t on trend this year. At the peak of fashion are the outfits of a saturated green colour. They also suit almost all girls.

For business style, a white outfit is not welcomed, the alternative to white color is beige.

As for the patterns designers are planning to make corporate dresses with thin strips and geometric ornaments. Rhinestones can be used on the shoulder or neckline of the dress.

Trendy office dresses in 2018

The loose dress cut is a trapeze. It recently returned on trend again. The trapeze dresses look baggy and feminine at the same time. Their features for 2018:

Short sleeves, V-shaped neckline, blue and green colors, cotton fabrics are good for hot weather.Long sleeves, round or sharp collar, and monochrome colours are perfect for a cool day.

You can wear loose and flared dresses with classic shoes: ballet shoes, shoes with various heels, boots, and half-boots. This dress suits practically for all girls.

Trendy dress-jacket 2018

Dress-jacket is quite unusual and strict image. It’s a fashion hit in 2018. The dress looks line elongated jacket.

The length and style of dress-jacket:

It’s a mini dress. Short dresses are suitable for business meetings and everyday work.The most common length is to the knees.It has buttons.The sleeves have various lengths. The dress can be sleeveless too.The collar looks like a jacket’s collar. It has a pointed form.

The neckline is deep and has many variants. It’s a wrap over dress. Not all the models have pockets. The gown can be either straight or flared. You can wear it with scarves instead of a tie or with a tie tied on a bare neck. It goes with shoes, boots, court shoes and sandals or even sneakers.

Trendy dresses-cases 2018

Dress-cases are in fashion for ages. In 2018, they are updated with color and decor. Buy a new model of dress-case, even if you have one in your wardrobe. You can wear it not only for everyday work or business meeting but also for a festive corporate event.

Features of dresses-cases in 2018:

For a business image, it’s better to choose dark and two-colored dresses. If you are a boss, you are allowed to choose a red dress. And in other cases, you can take purple and black gowns.The sleeves are short or sleeveless.Peplum dresses and draped ruches in the front part of item look perfect.The neckline can be V-shaped or round. The back cutout is possible too.The length is mini or midi.Combine the dress-case with shoes on a flat sole, shoes with heels, boots, and sandals.

Office fashion 2018: retro style

Speaking of the dresses in retro style, we imply the outfits of the 70s. One-colored brown, black, and blue dresses go with the business style.

The main features are:

narrow strips of white or other pastel colors; it should be contrastive to a dress;a bow or knot at the side of the neckline;marine themes (blue and white), as well brown and black gowns;skirt-sun.

Such dress goes with high-heels shoes, sandals, and court shoes. Handbags should be small and on a rope over the shoulder.

Trendy gowns of free tailoring 2018

For girls who like free tailoring, designers offer over-size dresses and baggy clothes. Such gowns are airy and free. They can be worn with almost any bag and shoes. For office style, it’s necessary to choose one-colored dresses from dense fabrics. Long options must have pockets.

An excellent option is a checked dress with knee-length or to the floor. You can wear loose dresses with shoes on flat soles, shoes, and sandals. They are perfect for ladies with a creative nature.

Trendy dresses-shirts 2018

Such gowns are in great demand this season. Their features are:

knee-length of the dress;black, blue and white tones;presence of buttons, collars, ruches;long sleeves or sleeveless.

Sleeveless gowns in 2018

Designers make sleeveless almost all kinds of models, except for oversize items. The length can be diverse. Ivory, black and black with white is trendy colors for such dresses. They look great with a jacket, bolero or turtleneck. Take shoes with stilettos for such gown.

Dresses with a skirt-sun 2018

Skirt-sun gowns fit women of any age. They include retro and classic designs.

When choosing a dress for the office, it's worth emphasizing the waist with a belt. Belts and straps should be narrow and without rhinestones. Sleeves can be of different lengths. The length is midi or long.

Such dresses go with high heeled shoes and sandals or items with a wedge and platform.

Prints and patterns in 2018

In business style, prints and ornaments can be geometrical, floral or abstract. Striped and checkered fabrics are acceptable too. For girls of low height, you can find an outfit with vertical stripes. At the same time, the pattern should not be extremely bright.

Trendy dresses-bustier 2018

The parade completion of business gowns is a dress-bustier. All designs are with bare shoulders. Actual colors are black, purple, and green. The top can be draped with a textile or lace. The waist is decorated with a peplum or belt. Combine such dress with bolero and jackets.

Wear dresses-bustier with shoes on a thick or thin heel. Complete the image with a handbag and small earrings.

Office gown styles range of designs in 2018 helps you to create unique and attractive images for work. Keep up with fashion trends!


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