Mayte Rodriguez  joins Alexis Sanchez in Manchester United 

Sanchez's girlfriend was pictured arriving in Manchester to join the football star.

Alexis Sanchez's girlfriend joins him in Manchester  (Eamonn and James Clarke)

Manchester United new signing Alexis Sanchez will be feeling much better at home at his new base as his girlfriendMayte Rodriguez has joined him in Manchester.

Sanchez made the move of the Winter transfer window, joining Manchester United from Premier League rivals Arsenal.

About a month after his move to Manchester, his girlfriend Rodriguez has finally joined him.

Alexis Sanchez and his girlfriend pictured outside the Lowry Hotel  (Eamonn and James Clarke)

Rodriguez who has been staying in London was pictured arriving at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester to join the Manchester United no. 7.

Sanchez has been staying at the Lowry Hotel since he moved to Manchester.

Rodriguez joins Sanchez

The couple was pictured arriving in a white Range Rover Sport. Wearing a blue knitted jumper, a leather jacket, leggings and trainers, she hid her face with a pair of sunglasses upon realising that there were being photographed.

Sanchez and girlfriend  (Eamonn and James Clarke)

Sanchez wearing a blue coat on a striped white-and-black top and black jeans, was pictured helping his girlfriend with two of her large suitcases she brought with her to Manchester.

Sanchez is still staying at the Lowry Hotel since his move to Manchester United but is believed to have purchased a £2m mansion in Greater Manchester.

Mayte Rodriguez  (Eamonn and James Clarke)

The plush five-bedroom mansion in Greater Manchester is just down the road from his Chile international teammate Claudio Bravowho plays for Manchester City.

The mansion also a piano room which will delight Sanchez who plays the musical instrument. There is also large garden in the mansion to play with his pet dogs.

Sanchez has scored two goals since joining Manchester United.


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