Housemates Loose their Wager in a row

After a challenging day, the Task presentation didn’t tur out well for Housemates and they lost half of their Wager.

Despite the amazing theatre performance that Housemates put together on S3xual Consent, and their outstanding score at the memory game, it seems that Biggie was not impressed.

Ifu Ennada and  Miracle undeniably put up a stunning act, supported by their fellow Housemates drumming and singing backstage.

Earlier Biggie had warned Housemates against the constant buzz in the House, the foot-dragging and breaking of rules: he even scorned an ill-at-ease Anto for discussing the content of her Diary Room session.

Biggie also expressed concern about Housemates not bringing their A-game onscreen, and used quite harsh words to prompt them into getting their act together.

Yet Housemates did not get the message and Biggie decided to pounce them harder. After admonishing the group, Biggie informed them they had lost their Wager which will increase the price of groceries articles. 

Khloe rolled her eyes of anger while Angel burried his head in his hands. What a blow Biggie inflicted upon the House. 

It is Head of House Tobi who took it the hardest, and perhaps rightly for the Housemates failure are his failure as it spoke directly to his leadership skills.

Tobi stayed behind the group and when he finally left the arena he walked straight to his bedroom.


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