Do you know how many seven star hotels there in India?  

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Here are the list of 7 Star Hotels in India

1. The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur

Located in the historical land of Udaipur, Oberoi Udaivilas provides tourists with the much needed luxuries. Located amidst the traditional Indian forts, monuments and palaces, the hotel provides royal beauty, rippling fountains, luxury rooms, riding boats, outdoor activities and rooms with great view.

2. The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

This is one of the oldest and most luxurious hotels in India, and is the most favored hotel amongst the tourists who visit Mumbai for holidays or business trips. When one visits Hotel Taj Mahal, an amazing night view especially at night when the moon is bright can be experienced. Further, it also offers spacious and luxury rooms, night clubs, spa activities, swimming pools, restaurants and fitness clubs. It is, no doubt, one of the most luxurious hotels one can visit.

3. The Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur

Oberoi Rajvilas is one of the costliest and most luxurious five star hotels in India. Tourists can spend time amidst private pools, gardens, luxury rooms, royal villas and the old beautiful Rajasthan fort. For tourists on business trips, the hotel offers spacious rooms for corporate and business meetings.

4. Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

The hotel is one of the prominent five star hotels in India for tourists. Hotel Taj Lake Palace has won many prizes for being one of the most prestigious places with incredible architecture and natural beauty in India. Further, the hotel is popular amongst the newly wed couples who wish to spend their honeymoon in India.

5. The Oberoi, Mumbai

This is one of the many luxurious Oberoi hotels located in India. The Oberoi is a major competitor to the Taj Mahal in the city of Mumbai offering presidential suite, premier ocean view, premier suite, and executive ocean suite and luxury rooms. In addition, the hotel offers services such as night clubs, spa, fitness club and luxurious salon.

6. Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad

This is the best five-star hotel in the whole of Hyderabad and is most recommended for tourists who wish to visit the hi-tech city of Hyderabad, located in the south of India. The traditional architecture of the hotel is a big impression for anyone who visits the city. The hotel offers luxury rooms, private pools, restaurants, conference halls and modern night clubs and spa.

7. Windflower Hall, Shimla

This is the most luxurious, high-end hotel located at the top of the Himalayas. Tourists enjoy swimming in the luxury pools, spa, luxurious rooms, health clubs, conference rooms and sun beds at the top of the hill.

8. The Leela Palace Kempinski, New Delhi

This five star hotel in New Delhi offers royal services to tourists who do not mind spending exorbitantly during their travel. The hotel is close to the Prime Minister’s office, the Secretariat and Rashtrapati Bhavan. Additionally, the hotel has over 250 luxury rooms, costly restaurants, nightclubs and an executive spa. The hotel is a must visit for business travelers, corporate professionals and honeymooners.

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52w ago

There are no 7 star hotels in India. Actually there are no 7 star hotels in the world. All hotels are maximum 5 stars but there is no common international standard or organisation for the star rating of any hotels. However there are agencies which give star certificates but they are not common world wide and the certificates they give only have a maximum of 5 stars.

However there is one hotel in the world which advertises itself as a 7 star hotel.

It is Burj AL Arab in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

It is a hotel owned by the UAE based Jumeirah hotels which was innagurated in 1998.

There is no proof whether this is 7 star or no. They are just marketing it as being 7 star and that is it.

Another hotel claims to be 7 star.

Town House Galleria in Milan, Italy.

Opened in 2007, they claim to have got a 7 star rating certificate from SGS Italy2008 but in reality SGS does not award anything higher than a 5 star rating.

So in reality there are no 7 star hotels.


Keith Taylor

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There are no 7 star hotels in India or anywhere else in the world. The star rating system was first in the 1950’s by Mobil Oil Company in their travel guides with a 1 to 5 star scale. Today that guide is known as the Forbes Travel Guide.

A more precise hotel rating system used by travel professionals is published by Northstar Travel Media. If features a 10-tier rating system. You can learn more about the system at Travel Weekly Hotel Search Powered by Hotel & Travel Index- Hotel Reviews, Rates, GDS Reservation Codes: Travel Weekly ]

While some hotels may claim to be higher than 5 star, no such rating exists.

The difference between a 4 star and 5 star hotel can often be a celebrity chef restaurant or location. There is a wide variety even between 4 star rated hotels. Not all 4 or even 5 star hotels are equal.

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There is not a single hotel in the world which is certified as 7 Star Hotel.

Its a publicity technique used by many of high end ultra premium hotels.

There isn't any approved certifying agency which certifies ratings up to 7 Star.

Please check the link.

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Hello there!!! You have people who will try to up-sell the products they are associated with or have been associated with. The Star category to Hotels are given as per the services provided by a hotel. The more luxurious the services the Star rating go as per them. Every country has their own Agency which gives a certificate of Star category to hotels and there are charges for the same in form of taxes by the government.

And for the answer to the above question, there is no Seven Star Hotel in INDIA.

Chal Batohi

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No My Dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is no 7 star hotels or resorts in India, even no under constriction 7 star hotel too!

However, you can always check here some of the best developed 5 star hotels in India till date..check the recommended India hotels guide below -

Let me know if you have found news about any upcoming 7 star hotels in India :)
And ITC Chola is being rumoured as a 7 star but its a 5 star


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