Cristiano Ronaldo’s  private jet  looks more like luxury house

Cristiano Ronaldo private jet:  does he really have it?

Earning millions Euros yearly is definitely a huge lifestyle enhancer, And yes, Chriatiano Ronaldo has a private jet. In case you are wondering how much is Cristiano Ronaldo private jet? We have your answers, the Real Madrid and Portuguese star player bought his jet for €19 million.

Gulfstream G200 - private jet of Cristiano Ronaldo

It will be interesting for you to find out the following information:

The jet was developed by Israel Aircraft Industries.Dimensions: wingspan 17.71 m, length 18.97 m, height of 6.53 m.Business class Gulfstream G200 can carry up to 10 passengers.Increased comfort on board is achieved due to the large space and low noise level.In addition to the luxurious interior with leather seats, there is a bathroom (separate for passengers and crew) and a cloakroom.

Armchairs have the transformation possibility so that it’s possible to equip a four-seater meeting area.A full-sized onboard kitchen allows having hot meals during the flight. There are oven, microwave, fridge for drinks and coffee machine. In addition, Cristiano Ronaldo can pre-order meals from the restaurant menu.

Gulfstream G200 has the largest luggage compartment in this aircraft class. There is certainly enough space for all Golden Balls.

The salon is equipped with audio and video devices. There is a satellite phone, high-speed Internet, an iPod docking station.6301 km is the maximum distance a plane can cover. At a speed of 900 km/h, this way will take only 7 hours. The maximum height of the flight is 13,716 m.

The aircraft is equipped with two economical engines with increased traction and a digital control system. It is adapted for operation on aerodromes with short runways.The crew serving the Gulfstream G200 consists of two people.

Cristiano Ronaldo jet’s accident

In 2016, Ronaldo's private jet had a minor crash during landing at Barcelona airport that damaged the chasis, the pilot also suffered minor injuries. At the time of the crash, Ronaldo was in Dortmund, Germany, along with his football team Real Madrid preparing for the match against the home team - Borussia.

If you ever asked if Cristiano Ronaldo has private jet? Now the answer is clear. With Huge earnings from football, endorsement deals and so on it is no surprise that the sportsman can afford a private jet.


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