Chika Ike Vacate To Jamaica (Photos) 

Nigerian celebrities are jetting off to spend the their vacationing in the most gorgeous places, and Chika Ike is Not left out.

Chika pointed her travel compass to Jamaica where she is currently have all the fun she could ever imagine for her absolutely fabulous vacation.

In an Instagram post she updated on her timeline, she mentioned that it wasn’t really an easy 2017 for her as she had to shuffle between classes at Harvard and filming her shows. So now all she needed was to go on vacation and de-stress and the choice destination is none other than the beautiful country, Jamaica.

Below are the dreamiest, most lustworthy summer Instagrams she shared from the caribbean country;


Chika Ike Vacate To Jamaica (Photos)  Chika Ike Vacate To Jamaica (Photos)  Reviewed by Unknown on February 11, 2018 Rating: 5

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