Best of braids for Ladies 

Ethnic hairstyle is a way to look original and stand out from the crowd. If we talk about braids, it is also an opportunity to facilitate hair care for a long time. There are a lot of varieties of this hairdo. We invite you to consider different types of braids for black hair.

Crochet braids

This is one of the most popular methods of hair extension in Nigeria. You can attach artificial hair to your own curls gathered in French braids. As a result, you will get an imitation of magnificent lush hair.

Usually, the artificial strands are not sewn but fastened with a crochet hook - an instrument which explains the name of such African hairstyles. It is necessary to stretch the strand under the braid and tie the knot. So you will ensure reliable fastening without glue or any other chemicals.

Artificial hair can be straight, wavy, twisted - any. The choice on the market is large enough so that you are guaranteed to find the suitable option.

Short braids

Short hair is not at all an excuse to give up the cherished dream of beautiful braids styles. Their main disadvantage is the difficulty of weaving so it's better to ask for the services of an experienced hair stylist. But the requirements for the length of hair are minimal, which makes it possible to make braids even on 5 cm curls.

All back braids

All back braids is a very simple hairstyle. If you are not yet quite confident in your abilities to work with hair, try to start with such an easy option. The process differs a little from the weaving of the ordinary French braid. But you still need to comb your hair and divide it into three strands.

Twist braids

This is another popular method of hair extension. Twisted braids are made of artificial material. Big braids look extremely stylish. Despite the fact that they seem quite massive, in fact, such a hairstyle is very light and does not cause inconvenience to the scalp.

Kinky braids styles

This is one more perfect option for the lovers of hair extension. You will get delightful little curls. Such a hairstyle will lift your mood. Enjoy your extremely gentle and feminine image.

Cornrow styles on the temple

Thanks to the media, fashion trends change with lightning speed. Just last season shaved temple seemed to be defiant and provocative for the girl, many of the society were negative about such a bold decision. But today this hairdo is incredibly popular, it emphasizes courage and independence..

But even despite the high popularity, many girls do not dare to make such a bold experiment with their hair. They are tormented by the questions: Will such a haircut suit me? What will others say? How long will the curls grow?

To create the effect of a shaven temple, it is enough to weave thin braids on one side of the head. Hide the ends under the hair and fix them. For greater effect, comb the remaining hair to the opposite side.

Box braids styles

In this case, we are talking about a hairdo that is commonly called African braids throughout the world. Hair is divided into strands. Thus, the head is covered with boxes in honor of which such hairstyles are named.

Kanekalon threads are attached to the strands close to the roots. Braids should be created with the addition of artificial material.

The weaving of African braids can take a lot of time. The number of hours depends on the individual pace of the master, the desired length of the hairstyle, as well as the number of braids.

The colour of this hairstyle is chosen at will. You can buy threads of neutral shades. Then the hair will look more natural. To get a more extravagant image, you should give preference to bright contrasting colours.

Choose a hairstyle you like the most or try all of the above options in turn. Be stylish, be beautiful!


Best of braids for Ladies  Best of braids for Ladies 

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