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11:14am Fresh towels for the #BBNaija #DoubleWahala Housemates after their morning work out session.

11:32am The housemates are recharging after their workout. Breakfast is an important meal of the day they say.

12:00amThey say "True love is like butter, there are no substitutes for the real thing"... Even after being swapped as BB Pairs they remain close, could it be love?

12:12am Breakfast table story of the day: Tobi tells Cee-c he once broke up with a girl for eating all his chicken. He says she had asked for small small but when turned she had eaten the whole thing, the love was finished there and then.

12:55am Skin health is vital o! Ifu has on a face mask this morning, making sure she looks good for #BBNaija #DoubleWahala Audience.

1:08pm Khloe "The Fried Chicken Police"... She has blocked Bambam, Teddy A and even Alex from having chicken because she says it is for later. She no joke o, nobody is getting that chicken before Khloe says so.

2:12pm Lolu and Bitto talk education, hard times and proud moments in their lives.

2:25pm t seems their dissolved pairing has not come between them either and they remain close and with an understanding

3:18pm Queen Koko taking a nap on her throne

3:41pm So Anto has been allocated the dishing position in the #BBNaija #DoubleWahala House, it seems unanimous. Biggie's reward for the housemates after winning their wager.

4:57pm Housemates are in a playful mood today. They have also been playing the Jemi n Je stone game.

4:59pm Bamteddy had a one on one about how they feel and shared light on why they have seemed to avoid one another today.


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