BBNaija: Valentine’s day unlikely friends 

09: 12 Am Last night saw a forging of the most unlikely of friendships.

10:00 Am Angel is as enthusiastic as ever, bouncing around the kitchen this morning. Many of the other Housemates look exhausted, must of been a restless night.

12:25 Pm Seems to be a tense morning in the #BBNaija House. Anto, Cee-C and Khloe are not hiding their frustrations and it's suppose to be a day of Love.

02:12 Pm Biggie wishes everyone a Valentines Day filled with Big love.

02:20 Pm Are they not just the best girlfriends?

02:29 Pm Nina plans to sing "All of Me" for their #BBNaija Task presentation.

03:38 Pm Some housemates sleep off

03:45 Pm Task presentations begin, the first inline are Tobi and Bambam with a musical drama

03:51 Pm We thought they would put on a kissing presentation but Bitto and Ifu Ennada brought more!

03:53 Pm Yay! We got a kiss... We wonder if something is really forming between these two?

03:56 Pm Task presentations still on,Who has put on your favorite #BBNaija performance so far

04:02 Pm Vandora and Princess say they bonded over beauty and sillyness. Lol, this presentation though, they are impersonating the other #BBNaija HMs. These girls are hilarious!

04:14 Pm Angel and Rico, These brothers' voices are heaven sent...

04:21 Pm Khloe and Anto just gave a HOT performance

04:24 Pm The #BBNaija Ninja's are back in the House to cause havoc. They are reshuffling the pairs again.

04:34 Pm Oh wait the HMs are free from bondage and they are allowed to speak to each other again.

08:54 Pm Chai! Cebi slid into the pantry for a voracious kiss unaware that Lolu was in there ooo!


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