BBNaija Day 27 Live Updates

Its another day the BBNaija house and we have so far covered twenty six days today being the twenty seven day in the BBNaija house.

Yesterday, Miracle emerged as a triple winner of the Wager, the Head of House title and now the Game. 

12:28 Pm Ifu lit up the screen while making Housemates ears ring! She's got so much swag 

01:18 Pm Lolu is tries harder to win Lady Anto again. 

Catch @DJWaxxy at tonight's #BBNaija party as he plays the hottest hits. 01:29 Pm The couples in the House were so cosy, we could literally feel the heat. 

01:46 Pm So, the conversation between Alex and Rico Swavey shed some light on Rico's love interest outside the Big Brother House. By the looks of it, he's a total lover boy.

02:59 Pm Rico Swavey tells the guys about the delinquent life he lived when in his friends' company. Basically, do not let your actions be influenced by others. Destinies are individual.

03:17 Pm Class is in session kids. Professor Angel done did it again. He teaches the Housemates about how their bodies perceive heat.

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03:59 Pm We're pretty the ladies would agree that Tobi is 'man goals'. Look at him remove Anto's plaits. 

05:10 Pm The guys talk about their moms and the difficult moments they went through. 

05:30 Pm Tobi mentions something about seeing Tboss' nipples and thinking to himself 'take me'. Judging by the look on Cee-C's face, she wasn't impressed. 

06:44 Pm Looks like Teddy A and Nina are speeding through the Task - What do you make of Nina's skills 

07:05 Pm Cee-C and Lolu are up now, Cee-C looks like she is really getting in there. 


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