BBNaija Day 12 Live Updates

10:48 Am It's the twelve day in the BBNaija House and the Housemates have totally redefined the morning exercise routine to 'bench time.

11:22 Am It seems to be business as usual in the #BBNaija House and the Housemates seem not to understand the gravity of having lost two Wagers in a row.

11:25 Am You don hear? Tobi tells Lolu that had he brought out his real personality, he probably would have flirted with half the girls in the House. Basically saying that he's toned it down.

12:15 Pm Khloe makes it clear that her life isn't comedy and people should just respect that. Angel tells her not to take things personally but she begs to differ.

12:20 Pm Ouch! K.Brule na wake up dragon abi?! Fed up with Khloe's constant nagging, K.Brule tells her to watch herself. 

12:25 Pm Khloe no stop o. She tells Dee-One to avoid joking about her and calls him stupid.

12:42 Pm Tobi blows the dust off his crown and lays it down. He tells the Housemates to behave and follow protocol, also reminding them that two of them might be gone by Sunday

02:25 Pm Bamteddy spend some quality time on the hammock.  These two seem to be getting really close

03:45 Pm The #BBNaija #DoubleWahala Ninjas at it again... Freeze Task in The Big Brother Naija House going on right NOW. Ninjas making a mess for the Housemates

04:09 Pm FREEZE TASK OVER... #BBNaija #DoubleWahala Housemates have been shaken up by the Ninjas.

 04:17 Pm "Solidarity Foreeeeveeerrr" The #BBNaija #DoubleWahala Housemates singing and cleaning up after Big Brother ordered them to. 

04:49 Pm Big Brother is serious about discipline and Bitto's punishment for not singing along with other #BBNaija #DoubleWahala Housemates was standing Outside whilst others went inside the house. 


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