5 Ways To Stylish A White T-Shirt

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The plain white t-shirt is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own. It ranks way up there with the Little Black Dress and your favourite pair of jeans. White t-shirts are super comfortable and can be worn almost anywhere. Except if you’re going to a wedding of course, but even then if you know how to pull it off, you’d probably get away with it. Don’t say we told you to though.

The trick is to find a white t-shirt that fits perfectly. A perfect white tee would be one that’s fits well and is comfortable and durable. There are so many amazing outfit combinations you can get with a white tee so be sure to buy one that will last long and look good while you’re still using it. Here are a few style tips to help you turn your white t shirt from basic to extraordinary:

Wear it with Ankara

White t-shirt plus Ankara equals fashion perfection. You can either pair your tee with an Ankara skirt or three-quarter Ankara pants. If you’re feeling extra playful, you can throw on Ankara dungarees and a pair of white sneakers to match.

Pair it with your favourite jeans

There’s something so sexy about the jeans and white tee combination. Don’t you just love to see a hot man in blue jeans and a white t shirt? Especially when you can tell he’s been in the gym? Uh huh, you know what we’re talking about. Well if it works for him, it works for you too. Trust us on this one.

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Wear it with a skater skirt

Pairing a white tee with a skater skirt makes you look cute and flirty at the same time. Add on a chunky neckpiece and a pair of strappy sandals to complete the look.

Throw on a blazer

Wearing a blazer on a white t-shirt is a genius way to glam it up and add some extra class to the look. This combination is great for a corporate casual effect.

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Pair it with a pencil skirt

Rocking a white tee with a pencil skirt gives you a cosy look. You can keep it casual with sneakers or plimsolls or amp it up with peep toe heels and shiny accessories.

How do you rock your white tee?


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