5 Stylish And Beautiful Outfits For New Week

Thank God it’s Monday! Said no one ever. The Monday Blues is a real thing. In fact research has found that most people don’t smile till almost 12 pm on Mondays. We know some people claim to like Mondays, but we don’t believe them. As far as we’re concerned, nobody likes Mondays. I mean how can anyone like the end of the weekend? Saturday and Sunday are the best days of the week, full stop.

However, some people have learnt how to deal with the Monday Blues like pros. These are the people you see looking sharp and bright eyed and you wonder “Don’t you know it’s Monday?” Well don’t you worry child, we’re here to tell you the secret. The best way to beat the Monday Blues is by looking your best. Isn’t fashion wonderful? Looking good actually helps to improve your mood. In fact, wearing the right clothing helps your creativity and makes you feel more in control.

Are you ready to take charge of your Monday? Then here are five outfits you should wear to get rid of the Monday Blues.

Power Suit

There’s almost no better way to step into your Monday than with a power suit. Power suits make you feel like Wonder Woman and this is the perfect way to start your week. Want to get rid of the Monday Blues? Then give them a great big dose of power. You go girl!

Pencil Skirt and Coloured Shirt

Every woman looks good in pencil skirts. They are classy, feminine and they fit so well that they boost your confidence level to 100%. Extra confidence is exactly what you need to kill it on Mondays. Tailored shirts such as those made by TM Lewin and Hawes and Curtis add extra oomph to your look. It also helps that they’re mostly colourful as bright colours also help to lift your mood. You can buy a TM Lewin shirt on Jumia for N12,500.

Tailored Jumpsuit and Blazer

Nothing says class like a tailored jumpsuit, and when you throw on a blazer?! Pow! What Monday Blues?

Black Dress with Accessories

The black dress is a winner any day. Jazz up the look with a fancy brooch, belt or pearl necklace to look extra special.

Red Dress with Brown Belt

Every day is a great day to be the lady in red, Monday too! Rock a classy red number with a brown belt and nude shoes to enter the week in style and kiss the blues goodbye.

Which of these outfits will you try? Tell us below.


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