15 Pictures That Requires Questions To Understand


Reddit | crabappless

Sometimes you leave the internet feeling like you know everything you could possibly know, and sometimes you leave the internet with so many questions that you never actually leave. Confused? You should be. And so am I after all of these. So many pictures, so many questions. 


1. Just imagine entering a room and having these stare right back at you 

Is this art? Probably. But it still creeps me right the heck out with a full case of heebie-jeebies that I can't totally wrap my head around.

Reddit | EightRoundsRapid

2. Does your brain totally hurt from trying to figure out what is going on in this picture?

Yes? Good because, same. And yes, I looked up what is actually going on, but it still made zero sense and I just don't get it. 

Reddit | gulfurs


3. You can actually measure how big of a Nintendo fan someone is by showing them this photo

How do I know? Because I had to ask someone else what was wrong with it because they looked just fine to me. 

Reddit | RaginRandom

4. Am I the only one who now has the urge to try and stick these all over?

Yeah? They could really be the next must-have festival accessory. I'm actually pretty sure no one would give you a second glance at Burning Man. 

Instagram | @vi.comedy


5. This overall confusing and probably scary moment 

What happened that day that somehow ended with this wee child being surrounded (and basically taken hostage) by some crayfish? Poor kid didn't stand a chance.

Reddit | Psychoturdle

Why don't people just let little humans live, but also just let them eat their food instead of doing random things like this???? 

I know this is how phobias are formed and they last forever. 



6. Meh, seems about right 

Maybe one of my fav attempts at seeing something online that I've never seen before. That photo is super clear though, so at least the camera was able to show off that quality! 

Reddit | TheFinesseFather

7. Never did I ever think I would look at a potato and think #lashgoals

Are they perfect or are they perfect?! Girl is about to be the latest breakout beauty guru and I am here for it. 

Instagram | @wifize


8. What the flock is happening in this picture?

So many jokes about birds trying to cross the road that I won't even attempt one. They're just really lost and could probably use a GPS. 

Reddit | crabappless

9. The way that this shadow perfectly labels this sleeping pup

Never have I ever seen a shadow be so intellectual. The most perfect timing, I know. Now if only the dog was named Shadow, too...

Reddit | themattsquared


10. The way this cat sits that's both super cute and weirdly intimidating 

It really looks like this fella is about to give you a life chat followed by some really vague advice. 


11. Imagine having a staring contest with one of these guys?

Eyeroll totally allowed. And is it weird I have total hair envy of that blond one? Not as weird as having paintbrushes as friends though, so I'm fine.

Instagram | @no.body_special


12. It's a bug's world and we're just living in it 

I know this is a bold statement, but I have never loved a bug picture more than I love this one. And you might think it's weird that I love enough bug pictures to choose a fav but well, yeah. All true. 

Reddit | AhoffNYC

13. And it's a story that I wish I was a part of 

I wouldn't want to be the person who thought this was an exit (how?!), but I would gladly like to have been witness to someone making that very weird mistake. 

Reddit | Alex_Hartfield


14. A windshield that manages to look terrifying and peaceful all at once 

I don't know what trickery made this happen, but I wouldn't want to disturb these strange snow faces.

Reddit | earthmoonsun

15. This next-level can-ception that takes sneaking in a drink to a whole other level 

Well, isn't this a nifty trick that probably everyone in the world has already seen but me. 


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