Wow!! 2018 Bright And Stylish Ankara For Nigerians 

What are Nigerian male Ankara designs to wear in 2018? Will Ankara styles stay in trend this season? Checkout some of the trendiest and coolest Ankara styles in Nigerian men's fashion! 

A successful modern man should pay enough attention to his appearance. His wardrobe plays an important role. We can’t imagine a stylish Nigerian man without Ankara outfits. What Nigerian male Ankara designs are trendy in 2018?

In 2018, designers won’t leave a strong half of humanity without bright outfits. They offer a lot of interesting novelties and stylish solutions. Men's fashion is becoming more comfortable for daily wear. The loose clothing is in trend. Men's attires are gradually getting rid of strict lines. The silhouette becomes a bit baggy, but it’s quite acceptable even for the office style.

Trendy colors of Ankara styles for men in 2018

The world of men's fashion in 2018 is not boring. Designers have chosen to dress men in clothes using the most incredible prints instead of monochrome clothes. On the runways, Ankara shows the delicate floral motifs, saturated colours, and stylish animal print patterns. The trendiest color on the men's fashion in 2018 is wine or burgundy tone. The delicate blue and pink colors, as well as bright yellow and green tones, were previously inherent in women's clothing. Now you can seamlessly find them in the men's collections.

The most incredible Ankara prints, which only can afford the imagination of designers, have broken the men's fashion 2018.

Trendy chips of current Ankara styles in 2018

Suits and costumes

A cotton trouser suit is a hit of the latest Ankara style in town. The colour of trousers may differ from the jacket’s tone. The trousers can be with an overstated waist. Ankara shirt with a variety of prints and patterns add the highlight to the costume.

Classic-style vest

If the elegant suit gradually loses its popularity, then the vest of bright Ankara colours but with classic tailoring, on the contrary, is in great request. Now it is allowed to be worn without a jacket, directly on a sports T-shirt. In 2018, the vest should coincide with the texture and colour of the entire costume, or repeat the prints and the colour palette of the shirt.


A short, fitted, with narrow flaps - this is a man's jacket of 2018. Bright Ankara colors and patterns make it more spectacular. Even the shoulder pads have returned. Although designers still prefer the first option. A man should have his own shoulders.

The interesting design solutions in 2018 are the three-quarter sleeves, Double-flanged jackets decorated with large buttons becoming popular again.


Convenience and practicality is the slogan of 2018. Ankara trousers are not a surprise in 2018. But if they are bright red, green or purple, it’s a very modern choice!

Narrowed pants remain in trend, but they have a competitor in 2018. They are wide designs with free cut. You can combine Ankara trousers with jumpers, shirts, and jackets.


As for the wardrobe items, then Ankara shorts is a must-have in 2018! They are comfortable and light. Besides, they save from heat and stuffiness. Elongated shorts are an indispensable element of the man’s wardrobe in hot weather. The shorts with a belt perfectly harmonize with waistcoats or blazers.

If the shorts are of bright Ankara colors, for example, orange or red, they look great at the parties or at leisure time.

Moreover, trendy in the 90's Bermuda shorts are also in demand. In this season, they are presented in pastel colors as well as in bright colors and decorated with large pockets.

Men's ties and scarves

Great attention should be paid to accessories. The trendy styles are scarves and bright ties. Volume scarves perfectly match to jackets and cloaks.

The length of the ties depends on the height of the trousers: if their waist is too high, then the tie must be shorter.

Latest native styles for guys with Ankara

Of course, it is important to adhere to the trends of the world fashion. At the same time, you can use Ankara's fabric to create images in native styles. For example, you can sew traditional tunic and trousers completely from Ankara fabric choosing a pattern of your liking.

Otherwise, include in your native outfit only details of Ankara fabric. It can be various inserts in size and shape on the tunic. They are usually located at the top of the item: on the chest and shoulders. Also, you can use Ankara only for the collar, cuffs, and breast pocket decoration.

Bright Ankara fabrics stay on trend for men's looks this season too. Follow the latest fashion trends, trust your taste, and choose appropriate images for a successful and purposeful man.


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