What outfit should Muslim women wear to swim in a regular swimming pool?

Cassandra Strand


The best option is Islamic swimwear often refered to as a 'burkini' you can find many different styles and colors but they will all be kind of similar to this:

This is all well and good walking to the pool and swimming in the pool however it becomes problematic when getting out of the pool and until the suit dries a little.  Unfortunately no matter what the shape when dry the suits will cling once wet and look something like this:

This effect is unavoidable but the visibility of this can be minimized by having large towels, robes, or long beach cover-ups nearby to put on.  Like these: 

Worn over the wet suit they provide adequate coverage till the suit dries.

I would also suggest that whatever pools are available you should ask if you can rent them out for a private event.  If you can you can pre-organize a women's only or Muslim women's event and rent out the pool.  Pre-paid is ideal so you have the money up-front but if local mosques or Muslim businesses are willing they may be willing to sponsor an event like this.

Katie Bekei

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If you're referring to western swimming pools then wear your Burkina, I hope that's the correct spelling. Trust me if you get stared at it won't be because of what you're led to believe but because of what you're wearing and the obvious length you are going to to cover yourself up.

Don't complain about not having swimming pools for girls only. More problems between the sexes comes from sex segregation than not. There are many studies done to prove that.

As a western woman I would fight any attempt to have swimming pools segregated. If its something you truly want then why live here and not in a Muslim country that would only be too happy to accommodate you.

I know what you're told about boys and men looking at you and supposedly leering, thinking horrible sex thoughts and other such nonsense. There is a very small percent of men who maythink like this, maybe. Most men aren't and don't. I grew up with five brothers, their friends, my male friends and have never seen or heard, even from strange men, the things Muslim women are told or worry about regarding men. Maybe its Muslim men who think this way, who knows. However,even if 5% of men thought this, why live 95% of your life worrying because of a bunch of immature, insecure boys/men?
As far as modesty goes and rape statistics, Muslim women who dress completely covered, except for their eyes, have a higher incident of rape living in Muslim countries. Western women dress the way we do and yet our rape statistics are nowhere near those numbers. Rape is not about sex. Its about fear, dominance and power. Please educate yourself and learn to relax a bit. You chose to live in our countries with our laws that have served to create a peaceful, democratic and diverse cultural society. Why are Muslims always trying to change things and make it the same as in Muslim countries? If Muslim countries were so wonderful why does everyone want to live here? Why do families send their children to be educated here? Think about it. Maybe, just maybe we have something worth preserving if for nothing but peace and tolerance.

Gina Patnaik

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I have two close female friends who are Muslim. One wears a swimsuit with a skirt attached that covers her pelvic area. The other wears a regular swimsuit with a t-shirt and shorts over it. (Incidentally, these two options are what most of my Hindu female friends wear, as well.)

However, a few years ago while on a cruise, I saw a woman wearing a "burkini". Unlike the examples shown in other responses, the tunic part was made of neoprene or something similar. Neoprene is the rubberized material used to make wetsuits. A wetsuit hugs the body if it is the correct size, but if it is too big, it remains somewhat stuff and retains its own shape, even when wet. I think this is what you are looking for! The base layer of the burkini appeared to be a one-piece body suit that covered the entire legs and arms and incorporated a "hood". The stiff tunic part was worn over that base layer. And I gotta say, I was happy to see the lady wearing this able to have a good time in the ocean with her husband and kids in the ocean (with a boogie board and everything!) instead of being parked on a lounge chair in the heat.

I did a quick search on Amazon, and none of the Islamic swimwear seemed to match what this lady was wearing. Maybe if you find wetsuit fabric, you could get something tailored? I will keep searching and post as a comment to this answer if anything turns up. See you at the pool!

Ika Fajriyah

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I really love swimming and I find a little bit hard for muslim women to go swimming because of the swimwear doesn't look properly. Eventhough the swimwear covers the whole body but it's very tight and it becomes so uncomfortable if the women used to wear loose clothes.

Actually I already have two different models of burkini but they are all tight. Fortunately, I just found a swimwear for muslim women that looks good and polite. The most important thing for me when I decided to buy is how it looks like and how tight it is.

As you see on the pictures above, it doesn't look tight and the hijab is not only covering head but also the breast too.


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