What are current bead designs in Nigeria?

What are current bead designs in Nigeria? Do you want to know the latest trends? None female image is ideal without the presence of stylish accessories. Turn heads in original items and always look stylish and fashionable.

Wishing to be unique and original, we often complement our outfits with various jewelry. Of course, not everyone can afford a diamond necklace, but you give yourself a fabulous look in trendy Nigerian beads designs. Traditional and widespread jewelry in Nigeria are designs made of beads.

Today, a huge number of costume jewelry are made from beads. There are different types of bead designs, not only well-known famous beads, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and earrings but also bijouterie that are less common, for example, mantle and lariat.

For 2018 designers and jewelers have already created new collections. Jewelry designed with sophistication and elegance. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are distinguished by unusual shapes and plenty of decors. The items are made with the addition of other materials, such as rhinestones, artificial pearls, semiprecious stones, metal elements, leather, suede, etc.

Fashion trends in latest bead designs 2018

Themes of nature. Accessories are decorated with images of snakes, lizards, butterflies, and beetles.Ethno. The models are made in the form of talismans and amulets with motifs of ancient civilizations.High tech. Such designs appeared recently. They are characterized by elegant shapes and minimal decor.Color solution. Your bijouterie should either harmoniously blend with the colours of clothing or stand out in a monochrome image.The rule of one accent. Massive necklaces, earrings or pendants should be supplemented with weightless jewelry.

Current bead designs in Nigeria

Usually, jewelry for the neck is the most beautiful item.

Trendy necklace, beads, chokers, etc.


This kind of jewelry is beads and other small objects of various shapes. They are strung on a thread.

A necklace

It is a thread with beads, pearls, coins, etc, of different sizes. Unlike beads, a necklace is always woven, and not just strung on a thread.


Chockers are worn very close to the neck. To make chokers, masters use a variety of beading techniques, which allows the items to vary significantly in forms and materials chosen for their creation. The chokers are either fastened with the clasp or wrapped around the neck.


The jewelry is made of gems or other material on a chain or lace that is worn around the neck. A round pendant is called a medallion.


It is a piece of clothing covering the shoulders. It has a shape of a round collar, trimmed from the outside by strips. Between them, a row of beads or other round stones are placed.


It is a kind of necklace. It looks like a wide rounded ribbon.


It is jewelry made of beads, created in the form of a long twist or cord. It has beads of different shapes at its tips. It is worn around the neck. The lariat is knotted or pinned with a brooch, and sometimes worn at the waist, like a belt.


It is a bead bijouterie and also a kind of pendant. Variety in form and size, ornamental motifs and colour jewelry gave festiveness to the outfit.

A twist

It is an item made of beads. It looks like a hollow cord with tight or openwork weaving. The twists are used as individual décor as well as additional elements of other beadwork bijouterie.

A tie

It is a jewelry made with beads. It resembles an ordinary man's tie, but the tie made of beads is thinner and shorter than woven. Such decor complements the business suit or blouse perfectly.

Latest beads in vogue

The hits of 2018 are the necklaces encrusted with large multi-coloured stones. Some designs are covered with small crystals of malachite.

Various designs consist of several rows of massive and elegant chains. A three-dimensional multi-layer jewelry for the neck is a hit of 2018.

A choker-necklace has huge popularity this season too. It fits snugly to the neck. The chokers are recommended to wear with evening dresses.

Trendy bracelets

Designers recommend fashionistas to supplement their jewelry with bracelets. They remarkably accentuate attention on woman’s hands.

Bracelets in the form of cuffs don’t lose their leading positions this year. They look like shirts cuffs embracing gentle female wrists. Leading stylists advise ladies to wear them on the bare skin as well as on the sleeves. Therefore, such items can be worn even in a cold season.

Stylists pay special attention to the anklets. Jewelers used seashells, pearl, beads, etc. for their décor. The trendy anklets are made with a variety of techniques.

Trendy rings

Rings can be combined with both casual clothes and party outfits.

Trendy earrings and cuffs

Earrings of 2018 underwent cardinal changes. You can now find elements of bohemian extravagance, as well as minimalism and futurism in their forms.

Trendy jewelry for hair

Hair hoops, elastic bands, and diadems are becoming popular again. Stylists advise wearing rims, elastic bands, and diadems with both long and short hair.

Trendy brooches

New designs are distinguished by unusual shapes and varied sizes. Many accessories resemble pins, flowers with large petals and insects. Some designs are made in retro style and grunge. Designers decorate them with a lot of beads, rhinestones, artificial pearls, and crystals.

Brooches are never out of fashion. Stylish accessories have become an integral part of the women's wardrobe. We hope you liked the new trends in bead designs. Now you can create beautiful images with the help of jewelry made of beads.


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