The Interior Of Japan's most luxurious train

Passengers will enjoy live musical performances and Japanese cuisine and will journey through hot springs with beautiful scenery.

A look inside Japan's most luxurious train  (

Japan's The Royal Express is an exceptional luxury train taking travellers in grand and leisurely style to some of the most beautiful stretches of the country.

Plying a route that stretches between Yokohama (about half an hour from central Tokyo) and Shimoda City, The Royal Express offers its passengers a variety of tours and itineraries.

The first carriage has family friendly seating, a ball pit for small children, and a library of children’s books  (Japan Station)

Passengers can choose a three-hour day tour, providing sufficient time to enjoy a meal on board or an elaborate experience for those who book one of three “cruise plans”, which incorporate overnight stays at hotels along the route and allow for sightseeing tours in Izu.

Cruise plan passengers can stay overnight at one of the Izu region’s top resort hotels  (

The train will journey through hot springs with historical merits. Train passengers can take a sightseeing cruise on a replica of a ship or could after disembarkation go hiking along the rugged Jogasaki Coast, explore the extinct volcano Mt Omuro or visit the exceptionally well preserved former ryokan Tokaikan.

On board the train itself, passengers will enjoy live musical performances and Japanese cuisine.

There is also a piano on board for live musical performances  (

Up to 100 passengers can be accommodated and a multi-purpose carriage can be adapted to guests’ needs should the train be chartered on an exclusive-use basis and used for a wedding, concert or the like.

The children’s play area  (

Children are welcome on board and can reside in family-friendly carriages; a children’s library and ball pond are also on board to keep younger occupants entertained.

The seating and interiors are so richly decorated that the train resembles a palace on wheels  (

Designed by Eiji Mitooka, each of its carriages features unique decorative elements and intricately patterned woodwork. The bar carriage features a piano and a curved ceiling embedded with stained-glass panels.


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