“Some Women Enjoy Being Raped” – Brigitte Lahaie


A French porn star-turned-agony aunt who joined 99 other women condemning the #MeToo movement has claimed rape victims can enjoy the experience.

Brigitte Lahaie, 62, made the shocking statement on French television and even said some women have orgasms when they are raped.

Lahaie has since apologised for causing offence but then repeated the claim. According to The Times, she said:

‘What I meant to say – because I know matters of s3xuality by heart – is that sometimes the body and the mind do not coincide.’

see some reactions;

Cassy Rahana She is not a porno star and she said “when a woman is been rape she can have an orgasme” this really shocked me and especially because it’s coming from a woman

Flourish Osasenaga Unique when a premature adult is talking,she wears stupidity and foolishness as a cap,it’s seems your grand father trade your brain just to have one stick of cigarette,may sense fall on you.

Asiwaju Ahmed I think it’s called “Masochism”
the tendency to derive s3xual gratification from one’s own pain or humiliation.
Some women enjoy it that way while some don’t some men also enjoy it…people derive s3xual pleasure from various things.
It is an Abnormal behavior characterized by deriving s3xual gratification from being subjected to pain. It can be compared to sadism


“Some Women Enjoy Being Raped” – Brigitte Lahaie “Some Women Enjoy Being Raped” – Brigitte Lahaie

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