Some Photos You Need TO See Funny But Creative

What are some creative pictures taken with statues? 

Selva Subramaniam

I added this question to share these wonderful pictures that I found on the internet today!!

Adding a few more from FB

Apologies for the long list of pictures!! :)

Anup Chakraborty

#2RsPpl :)

Rahul Soni

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This is one of the best example of creativity by Indian Traffic Police Department i have seen just after the recent incident which happens in the ICC Champions Trophy Finals (Yes you get that right, now have a look on the creativity)

It's a hoarding in Jaipur, Rajasthan by the Traffic Police Dept. to spread awareness regarding the proper position of 4 wheeler vehicles when they stop at the red light to ensure the proper room for pedestrians to cross the road from the zebra crossing.

In Delhi even i have seen that the Traffic Police have started charging drivers whether of 2,3 of 4 wheeler in form of Challan for the reason that at red light signal they stops their vehicle after crossing the Zebra Crossing, great job man. I appreciate this initiative.

Pat Roberts

Sahil Popli

I click some

Sathish Kumar

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I am just having only one in my laptop. But this one is my favorite. Because this image shows, the kindness and sweetness of the child. How cute this is? Really children have more helping tendency. They are pure…. :)

Whenever i see this image, i just get a smile in my face….

Thank you…. :)

Uday Shankar

One gone one more to go...!!!

Venue: NIT Trichy in front of mega mess.

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