Realhitz travel guide to "shithole countries"

Here's why these misrepresented countries are worth a visit.

REALHITZ travel guide to "shithole countries"  (Portal Consular)

American president, Donald Trump, wrote these countries off as ‘shitholes’.

But here's why these misrepresented countries are worth a visit.

1. Namibia

Hamba Tribe, Namibia  (PhotoFromTheWorld)

Namibia, a country Trump regards as a ‘shithole’, is home to vast, primal landscapes.

One day you are gazing across the mighty dunes of Sossusvlei, the next you see yourself heading deep into the desert to meet the native Himba people.

Don’t forget to take a walking safari to see the endangered white rhinos.

2. The Gambia

Gambia  (Daily Express)

The Gambia, another popular holiday destination, with beautiful beaches and luxury resorts.

This country is also home to one of the most important chimpanzee sanctuaries in Africa, the Stella Marsden chimpanzee reserve in the River Gambia National Park.

3. Nigeria

Nigeria is home to rainforests, national parks and scenic coastlines.

With a number of amazing natural phenomenon, an exploding art scene and plenty of local dishes to try, it’s no wonder so many travellers are adding Nigeria to their bucket lists.

Go for a safari in Sumu Wildlife Park, Bauchi, explore the Osun sacred groove, visit the ancient Kano city, explore the only suspended lake in Africa and climb the Idanre hills in Ondo.

4. Zambia

Zambia  (CNN)

In Zambia, you’ll find the incredible South Luangwa National Park.

Take a walking safari to look for a huge range of wildlife including hippos, leopards, lions, elephants and wild dogs.

5. Haiti

Haiti  (Travel Now)

Haiti, the world’s first independent black republic, is also a Caribbean nation, blessed by the same white sand beaches and azure waters.

Head into the central mountains, to the waterfalls at Saut d’Eau, to witness its more serene side. Both Vodoo and Catholic pilgrims gather here every July to take its sacred water and picnic peacefully at its edges.

6. El Salvador

El Salvador  (Move Abroad Now)

Empty Pacific beaches, smoking volcanoes and picturesque colonial towns are all within easy reach.

You could be climbing Izalco Volcano in El Salvador's Cerro Verde National Park one day and learning to surf in El Tunco the next.


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