Realhitz can help you  slay in dark florals

Florals have had a dark and mysterious makeover, and we can’t get enough

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Fashion queens like Zendaya, Gabrielle Union and the gorgeous Kate Bosworth have all been spotted going dark lately and now it’s your turn. Here’s are pick of the dark florals bunch.

First things first, what are dark florals?

Often fashion terms can be confusing, but in this case, dark florals are exactly what the name suggests – floral prints on a dark background, usually navy or black.

Dark and stormy or shadowy and feminine, if you’ve been avoiding florals because you think they’re not grown-up enough dark florals are for you.

A hot trend loved by celebs and designers (Dolce and Gabbana swear by them) alike, we break down the best ways to wear dark florals:

Let the florals speak for themselves

Florals stand out without any help. Rock a head to toe floral dress to turn heads and be right on trend. Or pair florals with black to create a simple but stand-out look.

Mix it up

If you’re more of a flashy fashionista then feel free to mix and match different dark floral pieces. Clashing prints are a runway favourite and will definitely have you looking catwalk ready.

Exciting accessories

Make dark florals pop with accessories that accent the look. A hint of dark green on your dress? Pick up the colours with dark-green earrings or shoes to match. Better yet, rock cute dark floral accessories to jazz up any look.

Flower up your figure

Forget colour-blocking, dark florals are the new top trend to flatter every figure. Place florals on areas of your body that you want to show off and wear neutral colours on the areas that you’re still a little shy about.


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