Everything You Need To Slay 2018

Wardrobe Essentials- Everything You Need To Slay 2018

These 2018 wardrobe essentials are a collection of my favorite fashion sets featuring warm-weather wardrobe essentials, Harmattan must-haves and almost all you will need this year. You’re welcome!

Get ready to be wowed by these flirty dresses, ladylike pencil skirts, jackets,  shoes, streetwear denim must-haves and many other pieces that can be easily combined with each other.

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1.Vans Shoes

Vans are everything and more! They are cheap, comfortable and versatile. What more can we possibly ask for? Everybody needs a pair of Vans to achieve that chilled, effortlessly chic look this season.

Source: Vans Shoes

2.White  Jacket

White always stands out. It stands out in the midst of the traditionally common colours (the blacks and blues). Unlike its more predictable cousins, white blazers can be dressed up or down easily. Lightly tossed over the shoulder of an evening dress or on jeans and Tees.

Source: Chic Ama

3. Colourful Scarf

Accessories are predictable. Why not jazz up your look this year with vibrant scarfs? Instead of accessories, use a soft loop of brights scarf. This instantly transforms your look.   Wrap it once or twice around your neck, letting both ends hang loose. It’s a fun and simple way to mix prints.

Source: Chicama

4. Studded Flats

Who says you can slay on flats? For casual events, slip into some decorated flats. These flats are stylish and flirty. An easy way to achieve an effortless look.

Source: Shein.com

5. POLKA-DOT Dress

This is a classic. Polka dot has been trendy for as long as we remember and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Punch up your office wear with this snappy classic.

Source: Ama style

6. Bold Cuff

This stylish piece can be worn over your long sleeve blouse or 3/4 length sleeves. Decorating your wrist with one of these clean, modern shapes elevates your total look.

Source: Austin Way

7. Skinny Jeans

Your wardrobe is not cool till you have a few pieces of skinny jeans. You can’t go wrong on skinny jeans and Tees.

Source: Pinterest

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8. Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings are very in right now. You may have seen them on the gram or any of your fave fashion/lifestyle websites. They’re bold, colourful and best of all can bling up anyone outfit you choose to rock them with. It’s no wonder they have been spotted on many a magazine cover this year.

Source: Grassfield

9. Vibrant Hats

Yes, you read that right. Hats! Hats and berets are slowly making a come back to the fashion scene and we can already see some celebrities rocking them. A sleek, colorful hat will complement neutrals, brights, or pastels. Just don’t match it with clothing in the exact same shade.

source: chicamastyle.com

Which of these 2018 essentials will you be rocking this year?


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