DO you think the Philippines is beautiful? 

Erwin Anciano


The cities in the Philippines look just like any other city you’d find around the modern world, and aren’t anything special to look at. It may be a little dustier thanks to the climate, and definitely a little dirtier as littering and public sanitation aren’t the best in this country.

This is a shot of the Makati skyline, the central business district of Metro Manila:

In the suburbs you find stuff like this, which can be modeled after San Francisco or Mediterranean motifs:

The cities are not very unique-looking, and the only real pieces of cultural architecture that stand out are the various churches left from the Spanish times, to some more modern ones. Otherwise, these city looks like any other city, with the older areas looking like old houses and buildings from the 70’s. The churches you’ll find here don’t really hold a candle to the ones you’ll find across Europe.

A more modern church in Cavite:

What makes the Philippines beautiful are the places and scenes you can find outside the cities, which are similar to sights you can find around Asia and the Caribbean, and in the Americas.

A scene from the island of Coron:

The Mountain Provinces:

The Sea of Clouds:

The famous white sand beaches of Boracay:

All in all, I would say the Philippines is a beautiful place. It is probably not the most beautiful place in the world, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you love islands, beaches and mountains, the Philippines has a lot to offer.


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A few areas are, but most would not be considered beautiful. The Cities are like many Cities around the world, with the poorer parts being far from beautiful.


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