CHEAP And Safety Flights To Kick Off With 


January is here! It’s a new travel year full of new travel possibilities. Where are you planning to go this year? What are you finally checking off that budget list? Whatever the answer,we’re here to facilitate.

Cheap flights are making traveling easier and easier. Budget airlines are opening up the world in new ways to the wanderlust set and 2018 is shaping up to be a banner year on that count.

Below are some of the best deals on cheap flights right now. These are the sites and Twitter feeds that you should be following and setting up alerts for. Prices will vary. Sales will pass quickly. You’ve gotta shop hard and act fast. Remember your “be more spontaneous” resolution?

Well…Away we go!


Secret Flying has great deals right now all over the world. If you’re looking to fly domestic, there are a slew of flights around the country for less than $100. Like the roundtrip flight from Phoenix to Tampa for only $78 tweeted out above.

There are also great deals on international travel. One of the day’s best is a roundtrip flight from Orlando to Beijing for only $409.


Wowair is one of your best bets for snagging a cheap flight to Europe from America. Seriously, if you shop it, you can get a one-way flight to Europe for about $99. That’s too cheap not to go.

Wowair has also teamed up with Kiwi to make their flights even more accessible. They’ll now book you on connecting flights to get you more places around the world. Check out their search engine to find crazy cheap tickets to Europe and beyond.


Southwest is running a $59 sale until January 25th on a vast swath of domestic and international flights. It’s best to check out their sales page and see if anything matches up for your needs.


If you’re flying around America (and don’t mind roughing it), then Frontier is far and away the best place to score a cheap flight. Right now, their online deals are as low as $20 each way to spots all over the country. Don’t expect any frills or five-star service. But they will get you there for next to nothing.


If you’re just looking to get away, then Kayak Explore might be your best bet. Simply input your home city — or the city you’re planning to visit — and the cheapest flights from that location will pop up. It’s great if you’re starting off a trip and it’s also sweet if you want to tag on a trip while you’re already on the road.

Either way, you’ll be able to source some seriously good deals. Case in point, if you’re in Berlin this year, you can get a flight to Israel for $27 round trip.




British Airways offers pretty sweet deals if you want to get to Europe and not worry about a decent hotel. Between now and January 22nd, you can buy a ticket on BA from US cities to London with five nights of accommodation for as little as $699 total. That’s seven hundred bucks for a flight on a carrier where you get fed, free booze, and a free luggage alongside a nice hotel in London — a city where you can easily spend $700 just on the hotel.


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