Can S3x-doll Get Pregnant And Give Birth? 

See Photos Of Pregnant S3x Doll That Is Going Viral 


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With the troll of s3x dolls which has become the order of the day in the country and on social media, many are quizzed as to whether or not the s3x robots can deliver as they have been hyped. One person who has lent her voice on this is Nollywood actress, producer and self acclaimed s3x goddess, Seyi Hunter.

Seyi Hunter
The eloquent movie-maker spared no word in expressing her displeasure while driving home her opinion. According to her, nothing can replace the natural feel of a woman’s s3x organs, arguing that only cowardly men will subscribe to the use of s3x dolls.

“S3x doll can never be a threat to women; it is not possible because it can never be the same, hell no! It’s no threat. It’s impossible for s3x dolls to replace ladies/women; the feel can’t be the same for God’s sake. A woman will always be a woman, soft and succulent, its only men with fear, men that have complex issues, men that can’t woo a woman that will get the s3x doll,” she retorted.

However, she agreed that there is no harm in possessing one, but must be used only in the absence of a woman.

“Having a s3x doll is good, it can be used once in a while but it can’t take over the place of a woman, it is not possible because no matter how a doll is built, it can’t give the same pleasure I and every other woman out there will give. It can only be used to pass time or when there is no woman available; it can’t be the same as a woman,” she concluded.


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