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Chiffon gowns

If you are a real fashionista you have come to the right place. Today we'll show you the latest chiffon styles in to wear in Nigeria in 2018. Checkout the best images with chiffon and be trendy!

Chiffon is a beautiful and very convenient material for almost any heat. Because of its beauty, designers often use it in the festive collections. Also, it's good for everyday wear. Today you will find out what latest chiffon styles in Nigeria will be relevant this season.

Chiffon gowns

Firstly, we’ll talk about dresses. Trendy length is very different: short and long dresses are popular. Cocktail and festive outfits are usually long. The options to the knees are rare.

Silhouettes are predominantly straight, A-shaped. The most of dresses are with a narrow waist. It’s achieved by inserting an elastic fabric. The sleeves can be long, but more often they are short. A lot of designs have shoulder straps. The neckline is classical: oval, V-shaped, "boat," etc.

The decor is very different. Casual dresses are usually modest and presented with chiffon short gowns. Chiffon looks elegant enough. Because of style features, this dress doesn’t need much accessories. Fancy dresses can have a belt and ornaments in the décolleté area. In general, the season trends are aimed at maximum simplicity and naturalness.

Chiffon for plump ladies

The fabric fits a huge number of women. It’s light and airy and seems to envelop the figure, making it weightless and slim. Even very plump girls can afford to wear a chiffon dress.

The most suitable is a designs with a free silhouette or emphasized waist. Traditionally, the latter option is not recommended for girls with excess weight, but now it’s an outdated look at the style.

If a design is selected properly, a dress with a waist makes a girl slender. The waist can be ordinary or overestimated. Moreover, the dresses with a chiffon skirt, bodice, and an elastic band on the waist are very popular.

Other options are short in front and long behind dresses. Plump girls should not wear items with a big difference in length. The most practical choice is midi. It’s desirable that in front the hemline must not be higher than the knee.

Chiffon is an excellent fabric for everyday and evening dresses. Thanks to its beauty, you may not understand at once if it’s an outfit for every day or chic dress on the festive event? Short and long designs are popular, but the latter is especialy chic. Very often casual chiffon dresses are long to the flour, and also a lot of evening items have a maximum length.

Chiffon dress-shirts can have short models and options with the length of the shin. There are also many classic dresses of medium and short length.

Long dresses can be with décolleté, while almost all short variants are closed except for designs with open shoulders. The gowns to the floor with a closed neckline look very impressive. It’s a very discreet and at the same time feminine outfit.

Often long skirts are made with one or two cuts. The hem can be asymmetric. The skirt is rarely decorated, since chiffon is very beautiful, and looks great without any accessories.

Evening chiffon gown styles

If you want to create a unique evening dress, then consider the latest chiffon styles. The best designs are the floor-length designs. And for a cocktail party, you can select the option to the knee or just below or above.

For the festive fashion, the styles like Greek design and the version with an overstated waist are relevant. In this case, the chiffon hem looks the most effective. The design can be flared and with multilayered skirts.

Decoration can be both luxurious and minimal. Most often, the hem and bodice are decorated. They are adorned with beads, rhinestones, brilliant glittering and all kinds of accessories. Often, the basic decor is a belt: either with decorative buckles, or with a bow, or flower-clasp.

Such options are suitable for young girls as well as for women of elegant age. The fabric is suitable for all ages. Just consider only the style and length.

Trendy colors of chiffon styles

Chiffon looks great in almost any color. For the hot weather, light tones and white are the most relevant. But for the evening outfit, the black color is familiar.

For all occasions, pastel and saturated colors look great. A red dress is very popular. It’s good for celebration and everyday life. The elegant red or wine colors are always very nice. Also, pay attention to coral and other light tones of red.

In the pastel range, the most appropriate is beige tones - from light to dark, as well as light yellow, peach, golden and other colors close to beige. Also, all the warm tones are in fashion. In the cool palette, you can pay your attention to light blue, mint, and other summer classics.

Bright tones include rich blue, blue, and turquoise tones. The forest greens, bottle glass, and grassy are also relevant ones. We can recommend orange-pumpkin and lemon for sun colors lovers.

As for the prints and ornaments, traditional for the summer options are flowers and, in general, floral themes, and abstractions.

Chiffon tops

Blouses are present in any woman's wardrobe. Due to the rich choice, modern designs are perfect for any style of clothing: everyday, evening, business, and even grunge style. They can perfectly match with shorts, trousers, skirts, and jeans. Of course, a blouse can adorn any woman. You need just choose the right design.

In 2018, you can safely select your blouse models from chiffon of the most cheerful colors: blue, pink, and yellow or combine any two of your favorite. After all, bright colors continue to be on the trend. Just don’t forget that this year the natural tones are more appreciated: juicy summer greens and "fruit" and blue colors. Besides, you can use trendy emerald, rich blue, mustard, lilac, scarlet or dark gray.

Chiffon tops decoration

Chiffon blouses in 2018 acquired a large and massive decor. The fashion decided that jewelry should not be an easy finishing touch, but the main accent of the item. Whatever is the style of the blouse, on the front and back it’s trendy to place beautiful voluminous ruffles or flounces. They can be vertical or horizontal.

In fashion, there are giant jabot collars, sleeves of several "steps," supplemented by strips of material. And a square insert on the chest is often framed with ruffles. The sleeves are returned with romantic flounces again. Trendy chiffon blouses 2018 are not ordinary.

Chiffon shirts

Strict shirts and classic models of chiffon blouses have monochrome coloring with simple tailoring. They form the basic wardrobe of 2018. Besides, they are often worn with bright original accessories in everyday life too. Classic shirts and blouses perfectly suit trousers or skirts of different styles for all women. This style is recommended, first of all, to adult ladies over forty. They are also advised wearing light or white blouses.

Blouses with chiffon ruffles

Countless ruffles and frills in the chiffon blouses collections 2018 become even more diverse. They can be used for long or short sleeves, pockets, décolletage lines or even appliqués and prints. And these images are acceptable not only for evening outfits but also blouses made in the casual style.

Chiffon blouses with open shoulders, short or long sleeves

Such blouses are in demand for ladies. It’s very easy to create a variety of images with them. If it’s short, it can play the role of the background. If a blouse is elongated, it’s the main part of the wardrobe. Chiffon strapless blouses can be either sleeveless or with long sleeves. Each of these options is unique in its way. Also, in recent years, comfort and versatility are on trend.

Many models without sleeves have acquired the status of vintage clothing. Women are inspired by images from the 50's. They are increasingly choosing sleeveless blouses made of chiffon with ruffles and floral designs.

Chiffon blouses with short sleeves decorate the wardrobe 2018 of any woman. On the monophonic blouse, the decor such as a choker made of metal, pearls or glass beads, unusual jewelry, a fashionable belt looks excellent. Also, chiffon blouses with a bow are adorable. Such clothes harmoniously fit in daily images in the casual style, business kits. Besides, it’s well compatible with knitted, leather, and jeans items.

In 2018, a long sleeve is crazy about the star print, "grandmother's peas," and leopard print. Tops, blazers, and models without fasteners and with a boat neckline express the mood of modern fashion the best of all. Chiffon can flatter your figure when combined with pleated skirts, tight pants and pencil jeans.

As you see, Nigerian chiffon styles have plenty of styles to, choose some chiffon styles today!


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