About 5 Ways to wear heels during the day

For most people, wearing heels on a night out is a no-brainer but what about wearing heels during the day? Wearing heels during the day is problematic because we tend to be on our feet more and who wants to having aching feet at work?Take a look at our foolproof guide to wearing heels during the day.

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1. Opt for a Chunky Heel

Chunky heels are the saving grace of all heel wearers because quite simply, the wider your heel, the greater your stability. A stiletto heels is more of a balance act and puts a great amount of pressure on your ankle and can lead to injuries.

2. Wear a Heel with a Thick, Supportive Strap

Most blisters come from a friction point where your foot is rubbing against a part of the heels. So how does one reduce these friction points? One way is to wear heels with a thick strap over the top of the foot.

The thick strap holds your foot in place better than a typical pump or heeled sandal, which prevents your foot from slipping around and creating spots where the skin is rubbed raw.

Therefore, more support means less blisters. Who can argue with that?!

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3. Visit the Cobbler regularly

The reason most people's feet hurt when wearing heels is due to poorly made and poorly supported feet. With a shaky heel, your feet has to work harder to remain stable. Visiting a cobbler to reinforce your heel will make your shoe sturdier and therefore easier to walk in.

You can also get your heels stretched at a cobbler if they're stiff or a little too small. It's so simple and so effective but makes the world of difference.

Make sure you take your heels to a cobbler every 3-4 months for a top-up. Give your shoes the same upkeep you would your hair or nails.

Your feet will thank you!

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4. Wear Wedges

Wedges are the greatest heel hack ever. Wedges are arguably the most comfortable of all heels because there is a much larger surface area to balance on than stilettos or pumps have, so you have to work a lot less at maintaining balance through your ankle muscles.

In addition, both the heel and the toe are elevated, making them more like natural walking. the best platforms for comfort don't put the heel much higher than the toe.

Platforms are a great way to wear heels without having all the hassle that comes with wearing heels. They are a great alternative for beginners or those who don't particularly like wearing heels.

Wedges are a great compromise!

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5. Try Kitten Heels

Kitten heels have always gotten a bad rep but if worn properly, they can be incredibly chic. They are the perfect solution to wearing a heel during the day but you must adhere to a few simple rules.

The silhouette of the kitten heel must be as sleek as possible so avoid a chunky toe. Opt for a pointed toe instead which will elongate the foot and make it look sexier.

Styling is also a big factor when it comes to wearing a kitten heel. They look far more chic with a 3/4 length cropped trouser. Avoid wearing them with a wide leg because it will make your leg look thicker and the overall effect is very unflattering.

Think like Audrey Hepburn and wear them with a fitted dress or skirt; a great look for work.


The sad reality is that as careful as we may be to choose comfortable shoes, the bottom line is that sometimes a great pair of shoes just hurt. Find the shoe or style that works for you and your feet best and roll with it.

Using inner soles or gel cushions are a great way of providing a layer of extra comfort and because we can never tell what might happen, keep a pair a flats close by for emergencys.


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