25-yr-old Nigerian Model Harry Uzoka Stabbed To Death In London


The young man identified as Harry Uzoka, was stabbed in West London with the murder having been described as “robbery gone wrong.”

Speaking with IBTimes UK, Uzoka’s family said he was victim even as the Met Police is yet to formally confirm the identity of the victim.

Uzoka worked as a model for Premier Model Management.

The deceased died from a knife wound to his chest. Report also have it that he staggered through an estate before finally collapsing on the pavement in Old Oak Road, East Acton.

The sad incident happened before 4pm on Thursday afternoon (11 January) and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Met Police Detective Beverey Kofi said;

This is another tragic murder with a young male victim who has met a violent death.

We believe that the incident started Ollgar House, in Ollgar Close and the victim was assaulted and stabbed before staggering and collapsing in Old Oak Road. We believe there were a number of people involved, but we are still working to establish the circumstances and a possible motive.

Two men, according to Kofi whave been arrested in connection to the murder. They are aged 27 and 28 and remain in custody.

We have made two arrests and continue to pursue a number of lines of inquiry.

We need to public’s help to piece together what happened – who the victim was seen with, the incident itself and the immediate aftermath.

If you were in the area at the time and saw anything that could be of significance to the investigation, we would urge you to get it touch right away.

A source Edtya Pustelny, who spoke with London Evening Standard said;

My husband was walking our child home from school.

They walked past three teenage boys who were shouting and ran past the garages. The three boys were then pinning a guy up against a garage and holding him by the neck.

They were shouting they were going to kill him. My husband said he heard them shouting to give them something. It sounded like they wanted something from him.


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