10 Useful Ideas For Your Traditional Igbo Wedding Decoration

Wedding in Igboland has always been a sight to behold. Lavish décor, beautiful newlyweds and guests, everything signifying that the day is the most important day in the lives of two people. Today, we are going to show you some amazing Igbo traditional wedding decoration samples that will inspire you to make your special day exceptional and beautiful.

Nigerian Igbo traditional wedding decoration

Before we jump into it, we would like to mention that we will be talking about modern day decorations for Igbo weddings. We will be focusing our attention on the stage for the bride and groom, which is one of the most important parts of the Igbo wedding ceremony. If that is exactly what you are looking for, then let’s go!

Our first pick is this vision in blue and coral. The background beautiful draped in traditional mats and modern fabrics makes this decor even more interesting. A cute little seat made just for two looks comfortable thanks to the bright blue pillows. Though the decoration idea looks a lot, it looks like there's so much going on on the stage, but the decor is so nicely done that every item and idea blended perfectly.

This wedding decor seems to exude gold! Even though everything in this image seems to be golden, it somehow manages not to be overwhelming. The decorations behind the seats added a little authenticity to the whole idea.

Design №3 features the customary wicker seat for the newlyweds, as well as beautiful colourful drapes in the background. The little touches, such as the colours of the petals on the ground and the little coloured accents in the vases make this decoration look even more fascinating.

If you like gold, then this pick might provide you with some inspiration for your wedding planner. If you look closely, you will notice that even the trees in the wicker vases are painted gold. Every piece of this décor exudes opulence. And the torches on both sides of the steps, oh my!

If you want to be extra comfortable during your wedding, you can replace the wicker furniture with a gorgeous couch (with pillows that match the drapes). You can preserve a little bit of tradition with the help of dried flowers and leaves in wicker vases.

In case you do not know, blue, white and gold are a perfect colour combination. This colours worked perfectly for this wedding, as it is pretty enough to attract attention, but not vibrant enough to take attention away from the couple. This simple, yet gorgeous design is a perfect inspiration for couples who want a unique but not so elaborate design.

Here is another way you can use the blue-white-gold colour scheme in your traditional wedding decoration. While the previous option was quite simple, this stage might seem a bit busy in comparison. However, every element of it looks well-thought out, from the clay pots on the bottom to horse tails on the stage.

Our next pick looks so beautiful that one would want to get married just to spend some time on a stage like that! The warm colour palette, which involves lots of green and gold, seems to radiate warmth right through the screen. And that adorable little wedding cake in the bottom left corner is too cute to eat!

Our penultimate entry is not exactly a stage, but a tent, which makes it even more authentic. The colour scheme is, by far our favourite, as it is very subtle, but not boring, especially taking into account that vivid blue insert. The fruit in the wicker bowls are also a nice touch.

This is the last stage design we would like to feature. The soft cream colour of the drapes makes the whole structure look like it's floating and the dark burgundy adds a layer of depth to the stage.

Igbo traditional wedding styles

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And that concludes our overview of traditional Igbo wedding decorations and styles. Hey couples, we hope you found some inspiration in this article. Enjoy you special day!


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