Would you rather fight a kasuaris or a gorilla?

Omell Green

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Thanks for the A2A

You mean a cassowary? Okay then…

You mean if I should fight the Cassowary(the world’s most dangerous bird) or the gorilla?

You mean if I should fight this,

or this,

I’m not ready to face this(a gorilla) to be honest,even ten men(trained) facing a gorilla will be suicidal!

To the cassowary,it is known to charge up-to 50km/hr and their claws can be a very dangerous weapon!

I would rather fight a cassowary,why?Personally;

1.I will be having the weight advantage over it.

2.I will be having the size advantage over it.

3.Strength advantage,an average fit male should be able to lift the bird!

If I can punch the bird’s breast bone a heavy blow before it’s claws reach me,I’m sure I would have done some damage!All this is not easy though,these birds are psychos and very fast!

Or if can brogue kick it to the breast,I believe I would have given the bird some injury! A brogue kick is how WW E's Sheamus finishes off his opponents in the ring!

A brogue kick below

I believe that with enough balls,you can punch, choke and body slam this cassowary bird and save yourself! This story however won’t be realistic when facing this fella,he simply out powers me !He’s a beast mate!

Both opponents should be respected but I would choose a duel with a cassowary any-day of the week over a gorilla!

Austin Lewis

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You mean a cassowary?


I don't know why the question, but because its such an easy choice for me, the cassowary. Both are dangerous, but I have a better chance of beating a cassowary. I can punch the gorilla, and try choke the gorilla with a lock, but the gorilla is too strong. Will probably shake me off and bite me. A cassowary, at least, I know I can hurt it, and maybe wrestle it if I manage to grab it right.


Would you rather fight a kasuaris or a gorilla? Would you rather fight a kasuaris or a gorilla?
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