What are the things that one should avoid eating during pregnancy?

Your diet in pregnancy lays down the foundation stones for your baby’s health and wellbeing in future. Research shows that babies who are born healthy and at full term remain healthier throughout their lives. They are better equip to face the infections and illnesses of childhood . A balanced diet rich in all the necessary proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins & minerals is important. But the benefits of a balanced diet can be undone to a significant extent. If you’re eating/ consuming certain dietary items that can harm you or your baby. As important it’s to know what to eat during pregnancy, it’s equally important to know foods to avoid during pregnancy .

The Various Items That You Need To Restrict Or The Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy Include :

Alcohol increases the risks of miscarriage & stillbirth in pregnancy. Excess alcohol intake can also lead to a serious condition called ‘ Fetal Alcohol Syndrome’ in the baby which can associate with cranial and facial deformities, other birth defects & mental retardation in the baby. Children born to mothers who consume alcohol during pregnancy may suffer from behavioural problems and developmental delays. The adverse effects of alcohol can be seen to increase in a dose dependant manner & it is better to avoid alcohol completely during pregnancy & breastfeeding.

Cigarette smoke releases about 4000 harmful chemicals into your body. These include lead, cyanide, nicotine, carbon mono oxide and many carcinogenic (Cancer-producing) compounds. These are responsible for some really harmful effects on the baby & may result in early or late pregnancy losses, fetal growth restriction & low birth-weight babies . Children born to women who smoke have been known to suffer from asthma, respiratory problems, colic , childhood obesity, poor developmental outcomes & behavioural disorders later on in life. Hence avoid both passive , as well as active smoking in pregnancy.

Fish High In Mercury Content

Seafood can serve as a good source of protein , long chain Omega-3 fatty acids , & vitamin A,D and B12; but during pregnancy avoid certain fish like Shark, Swordfish, Mackerel, Tilefish etc. These can be very high in Mercury content and should be .….


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