Useful Tips On How To Decorate A Small Bedroom.

Small bedrooms often pose problems because there’s simply not enough space for everything and, if there is, the end result will most likely be a cluttered and uninviting room. Decorating a small bedroom requires lots of planning and it doesn’t hurt to also be clever and come up with custom solutions.

Squeeze some extra storage space under the bed. For example, the bed can sit on a platform and can feature drawers underneath which can replace the dresser and thus free a bit of floor space.

Install sliding doors so there are no limitations as to where you can or can’t place a piece of furniture in the room. Given their simplicity, sliding doors suit modern, minimalist decors.

If the bedroom is indeed tiny in the sense that a single bed occupied pretty much the whole room, get rid of everything that’s not absolutely necessary such as the dresser. It would help if the room had large windows.{found on glamournest}.

Open shelves are great for small bedrooms because they take up zero floor space and offer valuable and practical storage and display space for framed photos, books and other things. Install them above the bed where the wall stays empty anyway.

To allow the room to remain airy, install the bookcase or storage unit on the wall, under the ceiling. It’s an interesting approach that frees up floor space and creates a sense of spaciousness.

Multipurpose furniture is your best friend when you have a tiny bedroom. For example, a nightstand can double as a desk and vice versa. Put it in the corner and you’ll also get to use an area that rarely becomes functional.

Add dimension and perspective to the room by decorating with mirror and reflective surfaces and by also choosing the right color palette. The walls and the ceiling should match if you wish the room to appear larger. Contrasts are designed to have the opposite effect.{found onzephyrinteriors}.

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