They will steal all your men-Kenyan Lady

- A concerned Kenyan lady recently came out to educate fellow ladies,specifically main chics

- The lady revealed how most Kenyan men treat their main chics badly but treat their side chics like royalties

- Her revelation attracted the attention of countless Kenyans who couldn't agree more

A random Kenyan lady recently took to social media to highlight some of the problems main chics go through in the hands of side chics,rather Slay Queens.

In a bid to educate fellow Kenyan ladies ,the lass revealed how most main chics are turned into house-helps all for love.

According to the lass's revelation,most main chics in solid relationship end up doing all the donkey work,only to pave way for Slay Queens who end up enjoying the fruits.

Concerned Kenyan brilliantly explains how Slay queens outsmart main chics. Photo: KenyanVibe/Instagram

Using his male neighbor and his two women as an example,the lady explained how the main chic usually show up over the weekend to deal with all manner of house chores,ranging from scrubbing the floor,laundry,cooking and whatnot.

''My neighbour has two girlfriends,main chic and slayqueen. I have stayed there for a year so I know them. They don't know each other. Main girl comes on Fri night and stays till Sun evening.Slay queen comes on Monday and leaves by Wed. Always.

Friday night -Sunday morning

Viombo zinagongana, and Easy Fm love songs. She washes clothes that fill the whole wireline.Scrubs the veranda thoroughly, never bothers to be nice to people. I tried acting like a good neighbour but I gave up.''the lady wrote on Facebook.

Speaking of the side chic,the concerned lady revealed how she usually pop up at her neighbor's house on Monday,and stay all through to Wednesday,doing nothing but eating life with a big spoon.

Concerned Kenyan brilliantly explains how Slay queens outsmart main chics. Photo: CapitalFM

Unlike the main chic,the side chick rather Slay Queen is treated with utmost respect and care.From being treated to expensive meals like Pizza and even gets to enjoy night outs and what have you.

To add salt to injury,the main chic ends up being referred to as 'Mama wa Kufua' by both the man and his side chic.

''Monday -Wednesday

Slay queen arrives. Knocks on my door ..sasa Tess.. Uko poa ..nakuona tu whatsapp.... Unakula nini Leo.. Bla bla bla..The make up ..the booty short, hata kama I missed the make up class, I have no doubt she has a degree in makeupology.Sound tracks are free of charge from Monday to Wednesday, pizza boxes zinatupwa nje daily, Netflix is bae.''She wrote in part.

Concerned Kenyan brilliantly explains how Slay queens outsmart main chics. Photo: Eternity Living

In conclusion,the concerned lady urged fellow women,rather main chics who are yet to be married officially to refrain from assuming the wife position lest they suffer the same predicament.

''I feel for main chic but her attitude is a no no.Ladies,or should I call you main chics, hii ujinga yenu ya ku act kama bibi to a boychild mtaacha. You come there from Friday umefunga leso,hauchani nywele ati unasugua carpet na milango. I wonder if at the end of the day you have any strength left. It's the reason these slay queens will take away everything from you. Boy child likes what he sees. But again, to the boychild, God is watching you.Btw,slayqueen told me ati mama fua hucome sato .''

Concerned Kenyan brilliantly explains how Slay queens outsmart main chics. Photo: Facebook

I think she nailed it.No?

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