Stealing s3x from the handsome armed robber

Just after leaving the mall after the hectic holiday shopping, she got accosted by a gun wielding a gun to her home then things start getting erotic.


‘To where? You don’t just rush into my car and ask me in that tone to drive, who are you? Not that I care anyway, JUST GET YOUR FILTHY SELF OUT OF MY CAR RIGHT NOW!!!’

It was not until I saw a cocked gun pointed right at my head, that I turned my ignition and drove off like a mad woman. The holiday began on Friday and considering that Christmas fell on a Monday, it will be a long holiday. Considering all these I went to the grocery store on Saturday to stock up my house before it becomes crowded.

On getting there I realized that my plans to beat the crowd has failed, as I was confronted with so many people whom I presume came to beat the crowd too.

Disappointed, I joined the queue sulking. After standing in the queue for so long I finally got to pay and leave with my goods. Once outside, I dumped everything in the trunk of the car after which I sat down to leave when some scary/cute guy rushes into my car and orders me to drive, I was still ranting at him when he pointed a revolver at me.

After driving for so long, oblivious of my destination I matched my brake and asked

‘Uncle armed robber, please where I’m I taking you too?’

‘Your house’ He replied.

‘Huh?’ I said

‘I said, YOUR HOUSE!!! Or do you want me to remind you the route to your place?’ He asked sternly, I looked at him with fear, shook my head and hit the road again and in less than 45 minutes we were at my house gate blaring the horn. We got into my apartment with me still scared to my bones and headed straight to the fridge to pour himself a drink.

Without having to wait for orders from him, I went right into my room to get him my finest jewelries, all the cash I have at home and my gadgets before he reminds me in a manner that might cost me my life. When I came out with it, he just looked at me shook his head and said

‘What makes think you that I am an armed robber?’ I was dumbfounded and perplexed at the same time, after I found my tongue I answered

‘Please sir, kindly take these things and leave me in peace, I don’t want any trouble and I won’t tell anyone, I will just forget that we ever met.’

‘And I ask again, why do you think of me as armed robber’ Clearly angry  right now, I forgot about the gun and snapped at him

‘BECAUSE YOU HAVE A FREAKING GUN’ He looked at me and started laughing, he laughed hard at me, that at some point I wanted to join him in laughing but my pride wouldn’t let me, when he finally caught his breath he said

‘Keep your valuable, I don’t need them and I’m not a robber, I was running from something, I just need to lay low in your house for just tonight though.’

‘You say it as though; you don’t need my permission.’

‘But I don’t, I want to stay here for the night and I will.’ With that he dismissed me, as though he owns the place, I scowled at him and walked to my kitchen to fix me something to eat, I was still cutting my vegetables when he walked in ordering me not to add onion to whatever I’m preparing because he doesn’t like it. If only looks could kill, he would have been long dead, I hissed at him and continued with my preparations, he laughed one more time and tapped my ass before he left.

I was angry but my body was excited for some reason that I cannot comprehend, right after dinner and giving him a blanket for the couch, I went to bed. Late into the night, I woke up thirsty and decided to go get water downstairs, I was halfway downstairs when I heard groaning, I stopped dead in my tracks, could it be what I’m thinking?

Could he be masturbating on my couch? Well there’s one way to find out and if it be what I’m thinking gun or not he won’t like me ‘what rubbish!’ I matched to the sitting room with anger only to be confronted with the biggest dick that I’ve ever seen in my life, I was overwhelmed with the D that I forgot of my anger and thirst for water, I didn’t even realize that I was already kneeling before him till I felt his taste in my mouth.

I took him all in almost choking at it and started bopping my head up and down it. His taste was turning me on incredibly and I moaned with each bop. He let his hands grip my boobs and squeezed hard, he then pulled my head up and drew me up to him, when I was almost at face level with him, he lifted my nightie and buried his lips on my tits.

He was alternating between the two and at some point he bit them. I was incredibly wet, he took his finger to my P-lips and flickered for a while before turning me so that my fat ass is right up in his face.

He spanked it hard twice before ramming into me, he paused for a few seconds before hitting strokes after strokes on me, each accompanied with spanks, making me cry out in ecstasy, I was getting close but not until I ride on that massive d*ck.

So I pulled out, pushed him on the couch, straddled him and started riding him, we were both moaning and groaning at the same time, with him spanking me at will, not before long we climaxed together, he ate me out and told me to prepare for round two.


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