Realhitz Quiz Is Interior Design Hard?

Annisa Ishmah S

B.Des Interior Design & Interior Architecture (2019)

As an interior design student that has been struggling for 3 years, I’d like to say yes it is.

At first, I thought interior design would be easy for me since I have so much passion in drawing and design, turned out it didn’t easy as I expected.

I’ll tell you about what makes it hard; both for being the interior student and being the interior designer.

Interior design is fun. We play with colors, shapes, fabric, textiles, etc everyday. It wouldn’t be as stressful as we learn math or physics (I personally hate counting). But what makes it hard, and a bit stressful, is because of its much of tasks and assignments.

There could be assignment everyday in a row; made a layout (I hate the manual drawing, digital drawing is fine). And the paper size is made me crazy, it’s in an A1 paper (guess what it’s sometimes in almost A0 paper!) for each layout (layout furniture, floor plan, ceiling plan, section, special furniture, perspective, etc etc!) and they’re manually drawing and also some of them need to be rendered by pencil color/watercolor. And we should do it all alone by ourselves.

The trial wasn’t finished there.. The final is we should make a maquette of the design we made. And it costs quite expensive for the material. The smaller the scale, the easier we can build. It’s easy to build a wall in a maquette, what’s hard is to make the furniture complete with its texture. Actually we can easily buy the furniture, but it will be much cheaper if we made it by ourselves (but it’ll drain our time and energy). And another final task after maquette is make a material scheme. This is my favorite among all of the tasks!

After graduating from Interior major, the struggle begins. We are officially an interior designer! Because I haven’t graduated yet, I don’t know how it feels to be a real interior designers but I expect the work will be easier because we work as a team. Each person has their own job. But the hard thing about being a designer is maybe how to deal with the clients.

We need to learn very deep about the place we want to build and the client who needs our help. And the problem is the taste of every person is relative. Maybe for A, our design is good, but B thinks it is weird. That’s why we need to have a good communication and be patient with our clients.

Well my answer is very long, finally I found this kind of question for me to answer and express and also share my experiences! :) But I didn’t mean to scare you if you are interested in interior design, it’s a very fun major! Actually, it depends on the person. But basically, yes it is hard (even the smartest student in my class said it is hard and stressful but he made it!) And there is nothing easy. But if you happy and fun while working with it, you’ll enjoy doing every single of your work even you have lack of sleep and skip your meal a lot. Because I do, and also all of my fellow friends in interior design at college enjoy it too.

So good luck to you!

Michelle Lamoste

Marketing specialist for a renovation and a 3D rendering company.

Whether interior design is hard or not would depend on you. You see, interior designing is an art and a skill. Many people who have artistic talents will find it easier to do interior design than those who don't. That being said, however, doesn't mean that artistically challenged individuals can’t become good interior designers--they can after years of learning and with the help of modern graphics technology like 3D modelling and 3d rendering. See samples of interior 3D rendering here: 

If you simply want to do interior designing for your own home, then you can simply follow your own view of what looks good and not. However, if you want to get the best results, it is always best to get professional help.

Are you planning to study interior design? My take on this is this: nothing is hard and impossible if you put your mind to it.

Arpita Jain

MBA from Amity University (2014)

No interior designing is not hard at all. If properly learn and practices, it can be very easy. If you are good at sketching, imagination, creativity and ideas the you can master it.

Try to start with the basics. Joining a school would help you in this. You can join top colleges of interior design.

In India United world of design and Arch Academy of design are the best interior design colleges. Arch academy of design is Interior Designing Colleges in Jaipur & Delhi. They have graduate,post graduate and short term programs in interior designing.


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