Fashionable Couples And Lovers 


Fashion is often synonymous with love, lovers usually like to wear the same or complementing outfits just to show off their partners to the world.

This trend is common among young and new lovers or couples, emotions are running high, hormones crawling all over the place. In the beginning you are sending love messagesfirst thing in the morning and love SMS last thing at night you want to be with your partner or lover every second of the day, you cherish each moment you spend with him or her.

Fashion can also be likened to love because, we all love to look good, so there is an element of love with regards to what we wear, taking it further in a love relationship, we are interested in what our partners wear and how they look, that’s why most times we want to wear matching outfits with them.

Here are some lovers or couples who made love look so fashionable

1. King & Queen Love
Every King needs a Queen to rule with him in his kingdom, no king can rule effectively without his queen, loving you is necessary, rule my heart while I rule my kingdom.

2. Cute couple not afraid of wearing matching outfits

3. Swag Couples

4. Fresh & Dope

5. Denim love
Jay Z and Beyonce definitely know how to make love look fashionable

6. Monochrome Love
Kanye, Kim and North West all decked in black contrasting clothing

7. Coordinated Love
John Legend and wife Chrissy Tiegen wearing a color coordinated matching outfit

This are just a few love inspired fashion concepts to prove that love and fashion definitely go together no matter how you put it together. Feeling inspired? Why not send us yours and we will feature it


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