Dangerous Addiction [Episode 36]

In the twisted world of Ogo, Derah, Ifueko and Ifechi, somehow Ifechi's newly wedded husband has a kid out of wedlock and everyone is meeting today.


Ifueko came up and laid beside me again, this time joining me in my sitting position, I turned to face her so that I lay on my side and she smiled at me, a shy smile that I was so not used to seeing on her.

“Don’t be mad” she said, I raised my eyebrows, then sighed at what she meant.

“How many people do I really want to be angry at right now ehn?” I said then I pushed my face to hers and kissed her, we collapsed in each other’s arms kissing passionately yet slowly and just enjoying the feel of our sweaty bodies against each other.

Ogo must have met us in that position because when I woke up the next day, it was to his rock-hard body against my back and Ifueko’s breath on my face.

I wanted a glass of fresh fruit juice I knew Ogo always had in his fridge, I was hoping to steal away his cooks when I had my baby. They were so damn good, rivalling my mother but she would never hear that from me. My body felt good but the events of the night before still weighed on my mind. I sat, my back to the kitchen door sipping my tall glass of fruit juice so I didn’t hear anyone come in.

“I am so sorry about how I walked in on you guys Ifechi” I heard a soft whisper behind me, I turned on the stool and Tomisin stood there, freshly bathed and looking ready to get the hell out, I couldn’t wait.

I didn’t have anything to say to her so I just smiled and turned right back around picking up my drink. But she wasn’t about to leave it at that, she came around the table and stood in front of me.

“You have to know that I wish I didn’t have to but Nnedy had been on about it for the past year” she said softly again. My eyebrows shut up at that one.

“You mean you would never have told Derah he fathered a son?” I said dropping my glass to stare incredulously at her, she bit her lip and looked away. Then looked back at me her eyes glistening with tears I am very sure she had cried plenty of, I decided that I didn’t need to be harsh with her this was not her fault entirely.

She too had suffered the same thing I was doing the only difference though was that I stayed. I came down from my stool and went over to her and gave her a hug, she hugged me back tight and released me almost suddenly as if I caught fire in her arms or something.

I turned to see what she had seen and two pairs of eyes stood looking at us with two very different expressions, Ogo spoke first.

“I see you two are getting acquainted” he said it more like a gruff statement. He was back to his businesslike tone and my mouth soured just a bit at the way he changed in seconds, this time hours. Tomisin stepped back

“Michael and I are gonna go back once he’s up” she said quietly and she made to leave the kitchen.

“Are you sure you haven’t been contacted by this mysterious texter in recent times? If so you are welcome to stay here in the meantime. I have enough room” Ogo said and Derah and I turned a scowl towards him, the nerve the man had sometimes!

“No! I haven’t” she said a little too quickly which had Ogo raising a brow at her, my eyes narrowed as she left. I followed almost immediately after and tugged at her arm.

“Say the truth” I said to her my voice deadly quiet but I know I passed the message across. She paused for a moment then reached into her back pocket to retrieve her phone. She scrolled till she found what she was looking for then showed me

‘Tut, tut, the bitch didn’t listen, now no one is safe’


I checked the date and she had gotten this three days ago, I looked at her and she had the saddest look that I had ever seen.

I pulled her hand and dragged her back to the kitchen then, she was going to tell me everything and she was going to do it now.


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