crazy things Nigerian students do to celebrate graduation

Nigerian students do all sort of bizarre things to express their joy over the completion of an academic phase.

Secondary school in Kogi State celebrating their graduation  (Bin Baqqi/ Facebook)

Graduating from  Nigerian schools especially public secondary and higher institution is usually marked with crazy frenzy.

The euphoria that drives the graduation celebration is more like the jubilation of a wretched man who wins a jackpot.

Nigerian students do all sort of bizarre things to express their joy over the completion of an academic phase.

From secondary school students' celebration of the completion of the West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination to Polytechnics and Universities graduates' celebration of the final exam, you can see a mesmerizing display of excitement.

5 crazy things students do to celebrate graduation  (Kogi State University fresh graduate being celebrated by friends)

This celebration used to be a simple, memorable inscription written to resonate the names of old students of a school.  Today, graffiti is no longer enough to express the joy of acquiring an O' Level certificate or a University degree. It has moved from graffiti to something  more expressive, crazier and funnier.

In the past, a simple graffiti like JASPER WAS HERE on the school wall and signatures on graduands' shirts were enough to mark the completion of Senior secondary school examinations or undergraduates final exams in the University or Polytechnic. Every student who come into the school would see Jasper's imprint for years if the wall is not repainted.

But with advent of social media, the story has changed. Students want to do something crazy and memorable enough to celebrate their graduation and put it up on different social media. 

Students want to tell stories about themselves; about how they survived the academic hurdles in the institutions and celebrate their victory in a manner no one has ever done.

Graduands  (Connect Nigeria)

This perhaps is responsible for the reason secondary school leavers and graduates tend to out-do one another in the display of the celebration.

In recent time, some of these crazy celebrations have stirred conversations on social media and here are five crazy traditions students observe when celebrating their graduation from their schools.

Tearing of Clothes:

Secondary school students enjoy marking their final examination with tearing of clothes tradition. Immediately they finish their exam, they drop their pens and bring out razors to begin the cloth tearing celebration. At the end of it all, school uniforms are torn into rags. This practice is not popular anymore as some students frown at it.


The most commonly observed tradition is the celebration by drenching. The moment the final exam is completed, the students who now see themselves as graduates would begin to throw water at each other. It is a ritual everybody must partake in. And whoever refused to be thrown water at might end up getting more drenched than the rest.

UNIZIK students in primary school uniform to celebrate their graduation  (Gistreel)

Pelting with raw eggs:

Pelting eggs at each other is not a popular practice among students but as horrible as it seems, some of them enjoy it just for the fun of it. This is usually a celebration pattern of a few students who have money to throw around like eggs.

The authorities of one of the Lagos state university satellite campuses had to put a stop to egg throwing celebration because of the stench that takes over the school after the carnival.

Bathing with expensive drinks:

Students who can afford to buy Champagnes and other very expensive drinks don't soak themselves with water. They go to bar to bath, wash and pop drinks.

Nigerian student washing her feet with expensive drinks to celebrate her academic feat  (Information Nigeria)

The video and photograph of a young lady who just graduated from a university recently went viral when she washed her hands and feet with bottles Champagnes. A bottle of this brand cost N3000, an the lady reportedly popped over one hundred bottles to wash academic victory.

Bathing with mud water: 

Another weird things students do to celebrate their graduation from a polytechnic or university is bathing themselves with mud water.  In July, a student of Nnamdi Azikwe University,  Ifeanyi Ubah showed us how to celebrate  graduation in a muddy way. He rolled in the muddy water eating bread and Akara (bean cake).

DELSU students celebrating their graduation  (Gistmania)

Nigerians students can also put up an unimaginable stunt to express their happiness over the system that keep shortchanging them of what they deserve in their institution.

So, many thought managing to graduate from such system is what celebrating and the celebration has to be done any how one deems it fit, because some did not make it to the finish line before they dropped out.

crazy things Nigerian students do to celebrate graduation crazy things Nigerian students do to celebrate graduation
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