10 dept where it is near impossible to bag first class in ABU

Ahmadu Bello is the best University in Nigeria but it has departments that glorify students failure.

Ahmadu Bello University Gate  (Premium Times)

Ahmadu Bello University, ABU is one of the foremost educational higher institutions in Nigeria.

It is a school with rich history, facilities and respectable alumni.

Currently, ABU is the best university in the country and only the best graduating student of the school was recently awarded a scholarship by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC while others were ignored.

This school has produced many professional, governors and a president. The late Umar Musa Yaradua was an alumnus of the school.

Ahmadu Bello University  (Pulse)

However, the rich profile of this university is not in consonance with the profile of some departments and their courses in the school.

These departments are infamous for not producing first class students because the lecturers always tell them it is near impossible possible to graduate with distinction.

So, if you want to study any of these courses and you are determined to graduate with first class, Ahmadu Bello University might not be the right choice for you.

Art and Social Science:

This department according to a student simply identified as Austin usually prepares the minds of new intakes that it is not possible to have first class in Ahmadu Bello University. And if you work hard to finish with first class, just be ready to accept your second class upper because the rule here is it is not possible to graduate with a distinction.

In other words, first class is a no-go area for Art and Social Science students at Ahmadu Bello University.

Quantity Surveying:

The story about the dearth of first class graduates in the Department of Quantity Surveying in ABU is a popular one. Almost all the students in the school know that the governor of Kaduna state, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai is the last person to finish with distinction in the department.

Department of Quantity Surveying has not produced distinction student since Mallam Nasir El-Rufai graduated from the department in the 80s.  (Pulse)

Since El-Rufai graduated from the department in the 80s no student has been so brilliant to make it happen again.


The students studying Sociology must have lost interest in knowing the last time their department produced a first class graduate. According to Abubakar, a year one student of the department, there is a story that the last distinction graduate of the department is currently the Head of Sociology Department.


This course which is largely about technical drawings has over the years proved to be very difficult for the students. Although according to a student, the department produced one distinction student recently after so many years.

While some of the students opined that the dearth of first-class graduates in the department is attributable to the cumbersomeness of their module,  Adeleye Azeez, a postgraduate student of the university believes some students studying Architecture the University do not have background knowledge in technical drawing.

Architecture is one of the departments in ABU that hardly produce first class graduates  (Pulse)

He added that some of them spent their first year learning how to draw when they should be concentrating their attention on how to make As in all examinations. And that explains why a department like Architecture is not producing first class graduates in ABU.

Most of these 'curses' are in the Faculty of Sciences, where lecturers make it known to students that it is not possible to graduate with first class.


Chemistry in some Universities is a dreaded course. Obafemi Awolowo Chemistry students can relate. Ahmadu Bello University students too have the same fear about Chemistry not because it is so difficult to pass but because some lecturers make it difficult to pass.

Department of Chemistry, ABU  (Pulse)


Mathematics in ABU is also a curse no student has been able to overcome with a first-class academic performance in so many years.


The Department of Physics like Chemistry in ABU is  just an entity that makes it known that the best a student can get is 2.1.

Department of Physics, ABU  (ABU)


Like all other science courses in ABU, the statistics say you can not graduate with a first class if you are in this department.


The last time this department had a distinction student was 1999 according to Omotayo Oluokun, who graduated from the department.

Department of Biochemistry  (ABU)

Veterinary Medicine:

Veterinary Medicine department is also one of the establishments in Ahmadu Bello University that glorify failure.

Stories of faculties and departments that are not producing first-class students abound in Nigeria.  Almost all universities have one department or the other that is proud of its drought in the production of distinctive students.

We hope this will change now that Ahmadu Bello University is the best in Nigeria, for no one expects the best educational institution to have a stained profile except the Head of these departments want to admit that none of their students has proved to be exceptional in the last few years.


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